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Published Jan 11, 2022

This workshop has concluded.

CLAYflicks subscribers can view the recording here!

During this 2-hour, all-demonstration workshop, Lindsay Scypta will talk in detail about planning surface design and how to customize tools for your ceramic canvas. She will begin by throwing and trimming a pitcher form,  followed by an exploration of layered patterns & textures to create a diverse composition. She'll also discuss tool making in the Fab Lab arena, sketchbooks, and pulling together conceptual ideas. 

You'll learn how to:

  • Build design decisions into the throwing process and trim pots with glaze movement in mind
  • Effectively divide the surface for complex patterned decorations
  • Create ornate surfaces with stamping, sprigging, incising, water etching, and slip stamping
  • Layer various glazes to accentuate the ornamented surface
  • And much more!


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Our Workshop from Home webinars are just like in-person workshops, except you are guaranteed a front-row seat! Ask questions throughout, or during the Question & Answer session at the end.

You'll also receive a link to the PDF resource document in your registration email that includes a list of Lindsay's decorating processes, helpful book resources, glaze recipes, and information about her firing temperatures and clay body!


Topics: Ceramic Artists