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Published Feb 13, 2023

Watch this preview for Stephen Phillips' Workshop from Home Webinar:


In this 2-hour workshop Stephen Phillips will share the secrets to creating his beautiful, narrow-necked forms and decorating with tape resist and underglaze. From tips on throwing, collaring, and trimming to creating precise decoration in the bisque stage, this workshop will help you improve your success rate with tapered bottle forms!


Tuesday, March 7, 2023, from 1–3 pm EST USA
Registration fee: $39

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You'll learn how to:

  • Use a heat gun to help create curvy forms without collapsing them
  • Apply the right amount of heat at the right time to maximize success
  • Ensure you've pulled enough clay into the walls for the collaring process
  • Trim delicate tapered forms without damaging them
  • Apply underglaze at the bisque stage for smooth application
  • Use tape resist and glaze to make surface designs that enhance the forms
  • And more!
Registrants can access a recording of the video for 30 days following the event to revisit techniques! (Registrants will be emailed a video link within 48 hours of the webinar conclusion).
Questions about our webinars? See our Webinar FAQ!

Our Workshop from Home webinars are just like in-person workshops, except you are guaranteed a front-row seat! Ask questions throughout, or during the Question & Answer session at the end. 

You'll also receive a link to the PDF resource document in the confirmation email. And you might be the lucky person who wins one of Stephen's tumblers!