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Published Feb 7, 2022



This workshop has concluded.

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Handbuilt lidded jars pose exciting challenges for the potter, but are so versatile and offer a great exercise in form and function! In this 2-hour workshop, Jeremy Randall will demonstrate slab building a jar and two different lid solutions. Jeremy will also talk about slab prep, template shapes for cutting patterns, using the Cricut® cutter to create those paper templates, as well as creating and using custom texture to give slabs visual interest.

You'll learn how to:

  • Slab build a textured jar and two different types of lids to inspire you to explore fresh forms.
  • Learn Jeremy's unique technique for using a Cricut® cutter to make templates and textures.
  • Prepare slabs for working in a way that ensures success.
  • Make great choices for color and surface while thinking of the finished form.
  • And much more!

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Our Workshop from Home webinars are just like in-person workshops, except you are guaranteed a front-row seat! Ask questions throughout, or during the Question & Answer session at the end.

You'll also receive a link to the PDF resource document in your registration email that includes information about Jeremy's firing temperatures and clay body, his studio, and his apprentice program

Topics: Ceramic Artists