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Published Mar 20, 2015

donnellyhandles_350Pulling handles can be a challenging skill to master. It can be a little intimidating to try to pull them directly off the pot, but trying to transfer a handle to a pot after pulling it separately is also a challenge.

That's why I really liked Paul Donnelly's approach to handle making. Paul does very little pulling and does most of the shaping ahead of time. Then he lets the handles sit flat overnight. A little water rehydrates them the next day and they are ready for attaching. All of this helps Paul to make very tight, refined handles. Have a look at this excerpt from his new video! - Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor

 This clip was excerpted from Designing for Function: Wheel Throwing, Handbuilding, & Variable Molds, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Network Shop!

donnellyfiniTo learn more about Paul Donnelly or to see more images of his work, please