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Published Jan 6, 2021

Teapot FeetFor years, I have wondered how Tara Wilson makes her charming animated teapot feet. I knew Tara was primarily a wheel thrower, and I figured she must just add the little teapot feet after the pots are trimmed. When we shot her video Figure to Function: Altered Pots Inspired by the Human Form, I found out my guess was wrong.

Turns out it’s a way cooler process than that. Not only that, but the process cuts down on cracking issues that can occur when you attach something relatively tiny to a larger form. Since it is better to watch the technique than have me try to explain it, today I am sharing a clip from the aforementioned video in which Tara walks us through the process for adding teapot feet with personality. Enjoy! –Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor

PS. If you like the way Tara manipulates the clay to make her teapot feet, you’ll love the other techniques she shares in Figure to Function: Altered Pots Inspired by the Human Form.


This clip was excerpted from Figure to Function: Altered Pots Inspired by the Human Form, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Network Shop!

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Plus, Tara Wilson Shares How to Make a Mug That Has Personality!

Once you have learned how to throw a mug that doesn’t weigh too much and has a relatively graceful handle, chances are you’ll want to figure out a way to make a mug with a little more personality. Good mug design is what makes a person reach for the same mug in the cupboard over and over again. A frequently reached-for mug not only functions well in use, but it also has to function well aesthetically.

In this post, Tara Wilson shares a couple of little tricks for creating interesting details on a mug form. Not only does this video give you some neat things to try in the studio, it will also help you to start thinking about little things you can do to make your work more interesting.

**First published in 2017.