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Published Mar 26, 2019

Ceramic Arts Network: What is your pricing strategy with your work?

Narumi Ii: I make very detailed Nerikomi porcelain pieces. Due to the nature of the technique I apply which takes such long hours and intensive care without being able to mass produce, I price my works quite high.I know doing so put a limit on my market range, so I am starting to make jewelry pieces as well.

Jewelry pieces are much smaller and take less time even though I plan to use the same detailed Nerikomi technique. Due to their size, I will be able to have more reasonable prices for the jewelry.

It is my hope that this will widen my target customer range including people who don't normally purchase high-priced tableware and decor items. Doing both jewelry and tableware will bring me different type of customers and hopefully, jewelry buyers will become interested in my tableware and decor pieces, and vice versa.

**First published in 2017.
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