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Published Jan 21, 2018

Ceramic Arts Network: Did you come to pottery from a different career? Tell us about your journey and how your previous career informs your ceramic career. 

Gwenn Granquist I’m retired and live in a resort/lake community in Wisconsin one hour from Chicago or Milwaukee. In my former working life I was a Sales/Marketing Manager in the computer industry. While working, I travelled a great deal and often went to different art galleries and fairs throughout the US. I often thought about what it would be like to learn to "throw" and work with clay.

Since retiring, I’ve had more time to explore gardening and other creative outlets. When I found out our local high school offers a pottery class I quickly signed up. I love the smoothness of the clay on my finger tips and quickly realized throwing is not an easy thing to learn. I thought I had finally found my calling, but I experienced an injury which made working on a wheel almost impossible. My instructor suggested hand building and it became an opportunity for a second career.

My sales and marketing background have certainly helped me start a small business, market my work, and sell what I create. My pottery is influenced by my love of gardening. I sell my pottery at art fairs, and in galleries, and online through Etsy. I also do annual studio sales in the spring and fall.

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