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Published Aug 26, 2022

keep clay out of the drainKeeping clay out of your drains is a must for any ceramic artist. This can be a particular challenge for teachers of the younger grades. If you have a clay sink trap, that can help prevent problems, but if not, you’ll need another solution.

Well, we have a great one for you today! In this clip, excerpted from her video Teaching Clay in the Classroom, Part 1, ceramic artist and educator Jeni Hansen Gard shares her system for making sure clay stays out of the drain.  - Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor


This clip was excerpted from Teaching Clay in the Classroom, Part 1, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Network Shop.

To learn more about Jeni Hansen Gard and see more images of her work, visit her website

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**First published in 2018.