Adrienne Eliades, Vancouver, Washington

Food is a human necessity. The foods that we eat and the vessels that we eat from are essential parts of our daily lives and a common connection that we all share. Adrienne Eliades’ food-specific functional tableware helps heighten users’ experiences of serving and eating. Eliades’ clean, asymmetrical forms are often a combination of wheel-thrown, handbuilt, and slip-cast elements. The surfaces of her work are a lovely trifecta of different textures but it’s the pattern and smart design choices that really drive the work home.

When making pottery, it’s important to consider not only how the pots will function, but to also factor in how they will aid in the presentation of the food they are designed for. It’s hard to reinvent what a pot is and how to improve its function, but Eliades’ Milk+Cookies set does just that. Milk+Cookies formally references some of the traditional vessels used to serve toast that were popular in the 1800s in England, but instead are designed to hold up cookies for easy grabbing. And, to accompany the upright cookies there is a wide, open bowl to hold milk for a new dipping experience that trumps trying to wedge a cookie into a standard-sized cup. Instagram: @bugaboo_eyes

1 Milk+Sugar, to 4¼ in. (13 cm) in height, thrown and altered porcelain, mishima inlay slip, colored casting slip, fired to cone 7 in oxidation, 2017.2 Milk+Cookies, to 9¼ in. (23 cm) in width, handbuilt porcelain, underglaze, die-cut Tyvek resist pattern, colored clay extrusions, 2017.


Topics: Ceramic Artists