Ceramic Arts Yearbook 2020 • Table of Contents

Welcome to the Ceramic Arts Yearbook 2020! This publication, supplied as a supplement to all Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated subscribers, looks back over the past year and highlights the clay events and people that have made news in the ceramic art field. Ceramic Arts 2020 also looks to the future and includes information about must-see events and the latest color trends for next year.
We hope that Ceramic Arts 2020 serves as a resource you’ll want to read right away and also keep on hand both for its timeliness and its timelessness. Be sure to drop us a line and tell us what you think—we’d love to hear.
—Jessica Knapp, Editor, Ceramics Monthly, and Holly Goring, Editor, Pottery Making Illustrated.

On the cover: Ceramic Artist of the Year, Ursula Hargens, in her studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photo: Jennifer Simonson.

In This Issue

Ceramic Artist of the Year: Ursula Hargens

New Products

Year in Review


To Do in 2020

Pottery Tours

Transitions: Who Went Where

Long-Term Resident Artists


Icons Remembered

Color Trends 2019

Recent Books

Ceramic Arts 2019 Geographic Locator

Ceramic Arts 2019 Company Listings
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