Features in this Issue

Cover: Hanna Lore Hombordy using nails to attach slabs.

In this issue:

Bonsai Planter: Combining Thrown Parts and Rolled Slabs by Ivor LewisFire and Smoke: Wabi Sabi Plate Forms by George SaccoSlip Painting by Tamar Laderman

Stamps and Roulettes by Vince PitelkaAlters States: Part 2, Making the Creamer by Sumi von DassowDown to Business: Let's Talk About Consignment by Chris Campbell

Making Plaster Bats by Don AdamaitisMaking Cones by Tim Frederich

Building with Nails by Hanna Lore Hombordy

Clay Links: Search for Glass by Barbara Coultry

Off the Shelf: Extruder Books by Sumi von Dassow

The Budget Potter: Glaze Whisk by Sylvia Shirley