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Welcome to your workshop! Whether you enjoy throwing, handbuilding, surface design, glaze testing, or all of the above, we’ve pulled together several things for you to try out once you get back to your studio. 

If you’re familiar with Pottery Making Illustrated and Ceramics Monthly, then you already know they’re packed with practical information, projects, and techniques. The articles shared here provide a sampling of some of the great content in each issue.  Download your copy of the Workshop Handbook today!

You’ll also find a wealth of information on the magazines’ websites: www.ceramicsmonthly.org and www.potterymaking.org. Guests can access their choice of articles for free on a limited monthly basis. For more tips and techniques, check out hundreds of free posts and scores of how-to videos on the Ceramic Arts Network (https://ceramicartsnetwork.org). Enjoy your workshop!

—Jessica Knapp, Editor, Ceramics Monthly, and Holly Goring, Editor, Pottery Making Illustrated.

On the cover: (Clockwise from top left): Mitch Pilkington loading a large pot into a kiln using a silk scarf; Amy Brummond removing excess underglaze from stamped decoration on a mug; Stuart Gair placing wads on the bottom of pots in preparation for a soda firing; Adrienne Eliades trailing glaze on a mug; Ruby Pilven placing a vase template onto a colored-clay slab (Photo: Tara Moore Photography).


Make Play, Not Work by Adrienne Eliades
Home Filtration System by Nathan Portnoy
A Level of Alchemy by Michelle Im
Transfer + Stamp + Color by Amy Brummond
Creating Colorful Wrap Vases by Ruby Pilven
Wedging illustrated by Robin Ouellette
Air Bubble Myth by Sue McLeod
A Thoughtful Soda Approach by Stuart Gair
Wood-Fired Surfaces by Seth Green
Easy Kiln Loading by Mitch Pilkington
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