Clay Body (most used): Iron-rich stoneware, my own recipe 

Firing temperature (most fired to): Cone 9 

Atmosphere (which you most fire in): Wood fire, reduction cooled 

Surface treatment (favorite): Bare clay and laterite 

Forming method (favorite): All, too hard to choose 

Favorite tool/tools in your toolbox? Metal ribs and a knife my husband fabricated from a hacksaw blade. 

Website and online shop: 

Socials: Instagram: @alindsayo

Describe the first time you felt like you were developing your own style: For years, when I was beginning in clay, I used mainly stoneware, it was cheaper and easy to learn with. The first time I worked in porcelain, I understood how much material could influence the outcome. That was the beginning of my understanding of material characteristics. 

What are you inspired by? The beauty of something that is designed so well it can go unnoticed. Being outside, routine, slow change, process, craftsmanship, good conversations, poetry, travel, and seeing something for the first time. 

What is your process for finding/designing new forms? I start with an idea. The idea can be as abstract as a feeling, or as clear as a function. I sketch out various renderings, then move on to prototyping. I prototype and refine until I make something I think is worth repeating. And then, even when I am making said item, I am always refining. 

Favorite piece in your ceramic collection? All of my mugs. I love mugs. Hot coffee and a great mug is the perfect start to the day. 

Best piece of advice you ever received? Work through it. 

Best advice you can give to other potters? Don’t compare yourself to others. Have an annual check-in with yourself, set goals, and work on one goal at a time. 

Describe your studio: My studio is a fully finished walk-out basement with a tile floor and a full bathroom. It opens onto my backyard where I have a train kiln. I have one main room for all my making. It has a large table, two wheels, storage, and a table to clean pots. I have a second room that acts more like an office where I do my packing, photography, and computer work. I have a desk and a futon. Sometimes a crew member will sleep in the office during a long firing. 

Best thing about your studio? The convenience of home. 

Wish list for your studio? More space for a fluid workflow and assistant(s). It would also be great to have more natural light. 

Describe a typical day or session in the studio: My studio day starts after the kids go to school around 9am and ends when the bus drops them off around 4pm. If I am close to deadlines or an upcoming firing, I will go back to the studio for a few more hours after they go to bed, but I do my best to keep weekends for family.