Check out the past winner's of the 2019 ICAN/Potters Council Wall Calendar contest!



Here are the winner's for the 2019 ICAN Wall Calendar contest:


Terri Lloyd: Stacking Leftovers Containers

George McCaulley: Platter

Ai Yamamoto: Pond Shallow Bowl

Melynn Allen: Birch Tree Tea

Sooyeon Kim: Fruitfulness

Ali Taj: Untitled

Clay Grigsby: Small Bowl

Leslie Messersmith: Sunrise Bowls

Steve Loucks: Double Combo Bowl with Thrown Rim and Handles on Cones

Klaudia Levin: fruitbowl

Bill Boulware: Temoku Lidded Jar

Ken Turner: Trauma


Will Talbot: Asagi Mug III

Marion Angelica: Espresso Cups with Boat Saucer

Pat Clapsaddle: Roosters

Mark Chuck: Trout Yunomi

C.A. Traen: Innerspection Mugs

Lora Rust: Ivory Bony Mugs

Melynn Allen: Daisies

Margaret Seidenberg Ellis: Espresso Cups

Eliza Wang: Tweet Over Coffee

Cathy Chang: Lidded Mug

Stephen Mullins: Americana #6. And Home Of The Brave

Jan Schachter: mugs


Judi Tavill:  Sirena Coastal Collage Sculpture

Kay Franz: Slip Disk

Shamai Sam Gibsh: Bodyblaze#6

Patricia Neysens: Dahlia pigment

Ray Bogle: The Family

Suzanne Stumpf: Fossil

Brigitta Dixon: Smoky Mountains

Rene Murray: Sandcastle 2

Kristen Morsches: Treasures

Tiffany Schmierer: Interconnection

Susan O'Connor: Say Cheese!

Lee Middleman: Winter Rings

Surface Decoration:

Marcia Selsor: Oriental Dots 2

Daria Claiborne: Spring Tea

Colleen Williams: Garden State Rooster

Maria Kravtsova: Furoshiki set #2

Jason Kishell: 5 Hikes

Lori Martin: Garden Stroll

Karen Mckee: Tray

Susan O'Connor: Reconstruction

Ji Shin: Sectional Vase

Mari Emori: Circle Series-Red

Thea Patterson: mystery

Hannah Graeper Carver: Cobalt Teapot