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Throwing on the pottery wheel is exciting and fun. Once you can center, you’ll never get tired of the many things you can create with the potters wheel. Here we’ve gathered some tips and techniques that will show you how to use a pottery wheel in the most efficient and effective ways. If you want to throw sets on the wheel, here are some simple gauges for the potters wheel you can buy or make. Or for duplicating profiles, you can make wheel throwing templates. Another ingenious technique is to facet freshly thrown clay then continue throwing the clay and watch the pattern expand. Finally, you’ll enjoy the survey of trimming accessories for wheel thrown pottery—maybe there’s a tool that’s right for you.

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The What and Why Before You Buy a Potters Wheel

by Bill Jones

When you decide to buy a pottery wheel, you'll be pleasantly surprised at all the options. We've gathered together some of the advice from seasoned experts Jonathan Kaplan and Steven Branfman to shed a little light on which pottery wheel may be best for you.

Gauges for Wheel Throwing

by Bill Jones

Sooner or later every potter wants to make multiples of a form -- a set of bowls, mugs, whatever. Two basic measuring devices for throwing sets on the wheel are the Western pot gauge, which measure pots from the outside and the Eastern tombo, which measures pots from the inside.

The Basics of Pottery Throwing Ribs

by Bill Jones

The best throwing tools around are our fingers but there are just some things they can’t do, and so we have throwing ribs—an essential tool for every potter. Pottery tools like throwing ribs provide an efficient and effective way for potters to remove moisture, control contours, and smooth surfaces. Here’s a look at these tools and where you can find them.

How to Make Custom Pottery Throwing Ribs

Robert Balaban

There are times when you may need a special tool when throwing on the pottery wheel. Robert Balaban solves this problem by making his own tools and here he details how you can do the same.

Throwing on the Potters Wheel with Templates

by William Schran

While throwing gauges can get pots the same height and width, templates will help you get the same profile. This technique involves using templates to repeatedly create an even, symmetrical form. These easy to make templates can be used to scrape the surface as it's rotated on the potters wheel to create a smooth, uniform surface.

10 Tips for Stronger, Smarter Throwing

by Claire O'Conner

Throwing good pots, especially of a larger size, on the pottery wheel is a challenge, but with these tips from Claire O’Connor, it can be easier than you might think.

Trimming Accessories for the Potters Wheel

Frank James Fisher

Trimming the bases of pots on the potter's wheel is another opportunity to bring unity and beauty to your artwork. But different shapes and sizes of work create challenges, and if you throw a lot of large bowls and platters, pots with delicate necks, lids, etc., then you should evaluate trimming accessories for the potter's wheel.

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