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Handmade ceramic tiles take advantage of all the complex possibilities of the ceramic process. Add the graphic potential of a picture plane, multiply that over any area you want, and the possibilities for ceramic tile art become nearly limitless. And ceramic tile isn’t just flat; handmade ceramic tiles can be relief surfaces that are quite complex—but you would be surprised to learn how easy it can be to make your own ceramic tiles in this way. In fact, you can make a ceramic tile mold that has a lot of relief so you can quickly reproduce a complex tile design without having to carve each tile individually.

Making ceramic tile art starts with ceramic tile design—and good design starts at the end; considering the end result of a ceramic tile project before any tile is made will help you choose the clay and the tools to use. And the experts we’ve chosen to walk you through the process of making and installing your own handmade ceramic tiles have all the information you will need to stay on track. Whether you are looking for tips to keep your tiles flat, or you're making a complex ceramic tile mural for a large wall area, How to Design, Make, and Install Ceramic Tiles and Murals will help you make great ceramic tiles in no time flat.

How to Design, Make, and Install Ceramic Tiles and Murals includes:

Painting Dimensional Tile

by Karen Bouse

Creating tiles with dimension isn’t new, but Karen Bouse shares an interesting approach to creating and decorating low-relief tiles. In addition to creating the tiles, Bouse shares her techniques for glazing, and assembling the setting in the final frame.

Making a Ceramic Tile Fireplace Surround

by Stephani Stephenson

Ceramic tile artist Stephani Stephenson loves the Spanish and Mission revival styles along with Batchelder and Claycraft finishes. One of the projects she tackled was designing and making a ceramic tile fireplace surround in that early 20th century style. If you've ever wanted to tackle an impressive ceramic tile art project, this is the one.

How to Design, Make, and Install a Hanging Ceramic Tile Wall Mural

by Donna Rozman

Create a ceramic tile design based on simple experimentation with abstract shapes. Rozman shares a tile design transfer technique for quick repetition and production of your tile art, then walks you through the steps for applying glaze and colorants to ceramic tiles. She includes a glaze recipe for majolica tile decoration. Rozman finishes off by showing how to install and display a ceramic tile mural.

Blue Kashi Tiles

by Muhammad Hassan Kashigar

The effect created on building façades and the interiors of holy spaces using intricately painted ceramic tiles made in the kashi tradition in Pakistan is one of ornate beauty and grandeur. The production of kashi tiles is one of the oldest handicrafts in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. The word kashi means painting, and the tile tradition that carries this name originated in Iran and Iraq, which are the main centers of this traditional art. The artisans who make these tiles in the Sindh region are known as kashigars.

How to Make a Raised Ceramic Tile Design

by Thomas Gelsanliter

Making molds for tiles – especially those with intricate designs – can really save you time and effort. All you need is to come up with a great ceramic tile design and then follow these steps to make a mold of it. Presto! Your awesome ceramic tile design can be repeated over and over again.

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