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If you want to build and/or fire a gas kiln, there are several things you need to know before diving in. Whether you plan on doing oxidation, neutral, or reduction firing, and regardless of the type of gas fuel you will be using, knowing how a kiln is designed and put together helps you understand what is happening during the firing. Gas Kiln Design and Firing Integrating Material and Energy Efficiency into Gas Fired Kiln Plans provides guidance and information critical to the success of your ceramic work.

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Demystifying the Reduction Firing Process

by Ryan Coppage, PhD

We all know what reduction firing is, right? Or do we? The science of what happens in a reduction kiln and the resulting color palette might not be exactly what you think it is. Ryan Coppage's article on reduction firing helps explain the definition so you'll get it exactly right. After all, really understanding what's happening in the kiln can only lead to better results!

Efficient Gas Kiln Firing

by Hal Frenzel

Most anyone can figure out how to mix gas and air to produce heat in a kiln. What takes a little more expertise is firing a kiln with efficiency, regardless of what type of firing is being done. Understanding fuel combustion and the kinds of burners and other atmospheric controls that are available will help you understand the processes at work in a gas fired kiln, and will help you determine the best possible approach for your ceramic art. 

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