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We all love tools, especially pottery tools, and we normally think about forming when we talk about tools for ceramics, but the most useful clay tools we have, besides our hands, are tools for decorating our ceramic work. A decorative surface, of course, is the first thing noticed about a piece of pottery, and as with all things made by hand, the right tools make all the difference. Ceramic Decorating Tool Techniques: Decorating Pottery with Wax Resist, Slip Trailers, Clay Stamps, Carving Tools and More explains those tools in detail and shows you how to use them for the greatest effect for your own ceramic surfaces. Make your own ceramic colored pencils, or try using a combination of dry and wet decorating techniques to get maximum depth out of your work. For a more traditional approach that has your own personal touch, try making your own brushes!

Included in this free PDF:

Decorating Pottery with Clay Pencils, Wax Resist, Glaze Pens, and Slip Trailers

by Robin Hopper

There are so many ways to decorate the ceramic surface, and this overview of several decorating tools used to apply color to clay includes recipes for making your own pencils and crayons, as well as how to approach using each type of decorating tool.

Great Clay Stamps in 30 Minutes

by Virginia Cartwright

Making your own stamps is a great way to personalize and expand your pottery tool kit. Polymer clay makes it simple and fast, so you can get ideas into clay quickly.

Using Simple Tools to Decorate Ceramics with Complex Designs

by Molly Hatch

Sometimes the simplest objects are the best tools for decorating pottery. Using a pencil and laminated paper stencil, Molly Hatch walks you though how to transfer a design to a pot and then layer color onto the surface for a striking result.

Making Brushes for Pottery Decoration

by David Gamble

There is nothing more satisfying than making your own pottery decorating tools, and this step-by-step project shows you how to make personalized glaze brushes.

Bisque Texture Rollers

by Sarah Pike

Sarah Pike explains how she makes bisque-fired texture rollers and how she uses them to make her handbuilt teapots.

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