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High Fire Glazes cover

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Good news cone 10 potters! We've gathered more than 15 of our favorite traditional cone 10 glaze recipes in a convenient recipe-card format, perfect for printing and taking to the glaze lab or pottery studio. Whether you are interested in trying out some of the beautiful cone 10 pottery glazes that have been used for generations, or if you want to try something new, you've found the perfect resource.

Included in this free PDF:

Martin Swart's Steady Green, Cone 8-12 Oxidation or Reduction

HAA2, Cone 9-10

Oatmeal White, Cone 10

Malcolm Davis Shino Glaze, Cone 10, reduction

Hank’s Shino Glaze, Cone 10, reduction

Rhodes Crackle Slip, Cone 10, reduction

Mark Nafziger’s Gold Glaze, Cone 10, reduction

Jim Brown’s Blue Glaze, Cone 10, reduction

Peach Black Temmoku Glaze, Cone 10, reduction

Celadon Liner Glaze, Cone 10, reduction

Magnesia Matt Glaze, Cone 10, reduction

Coleman Vegas Red Glaze, Cone 8–10, reduction

JVM Orange, Cone 10, reduction

Blue Jay, Cone 10, reduction

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