Video of the Week: How to Make a Spunky Darted Pitcher with a Slab Spout

Pitchers are a fun and challenging form to make and there are lots of different ways to make them. As with most of his forms, Jake Allee likes to cut and assemble his pitchers to give them a little character.

In today’s video post, an excerpt from Assembly Required: Building Complex Pottery Forms by Throwing, Altering, and Assembling, Jake shows us how he darts his pitcher forms and adds a spout, along with a little spunk. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.




This clip was excerpted from Assembly Required: Building Complex Pottery Forms by Throwing, Altering, and Assembling, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Daily Shop!

To learn more about Jake Allee or to see more images of his work, please visit


    Hi Jake

    You are a very talented Ceramicist and I love the padded effect, very nice!

    But the glaze is do dowdy it doesnt do your jug justice.

  • Trudie W.

    A well filmed and well made pot. Personally I’m not keen on the proportion of the lip, but like the techniques used; a mixture of modern and medieval… Jake, have you looked at some Czech or Slovakian jugs? You might like some of their pinched in spouts as a technique to play with. (or some traditional Hungarian jugs)

  • Archie W.

    Excellent Video Jake & co. Also appreciated the images of the finished piece. Filled with great insights, reminders, and tips.

  • thankyou a lot of interesting steps, was that music at the end to make Jake hurry up i realy like this video.

  • That was one of the most complete video clips I’ve seen. The process was perfectly explained. I’d like to hear/see more clips by Jake. Seeing the finished product was especially welcome. Most often we don’t see that.

  • Sylvia T.

    really enjoyed watching this video. It was interesting how so many different methods of forming were used. It was also good to be reminded how slab work needs to be reinforced to keep its shape (something I forget). Thank you.

  • Great teaching. It is nice to hear the artist discuss design possibilities and his reasoning for his choices.

  • Great video, thanks for showing the finished piece at the end! I’m wondering if the air pocket was just a happy accident, or if you regularly cut gussets in the side? It made for a very interesting change in shape. Great project!

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