Pottery Video of the Week: Mark Peters Demonstrates his Unconventional Lid-Making Technique

peterslid_620I have always made my lids for jars in the typical thrown-and-trimmed-upside-down-bowl method so when I saw Mark Peters demonstrate his less-common lid-making method, it was pretty exciting and really got my wheels turning (so to speak). Mark is a master of thinking outside the box when it comes to making pots, and developed this method so he could do similar surface treatments on his jars and lids. So smart!

In today’s post, an excerpt from Mark’s awesome DVD Lively Forms and Expressive Surfaces (which is now $20 off!), Mark demonstrates his super cool lid making process. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


To learn more about Mark Peters and see more images of his work, please visit www.pinerootpottery.com.

  • Well – I was intrigued from the start but was NOT expecting Mark to drop the bat when he had the lid slumped over the form. I popped up in my chair & laughed so loud the dog woke up…what a fun surprise! This one’s a keeper!

  • Jennifer H.

    Tiffany (is this my student Tiffany?),

    Glad you liked the vid!


  • Jennifer H.

    Francine – Click on the link to Mark’s website to see lots of finished examples of Mark’s throw and drop lid. You can see a bunch of examples of how he makes the texture of the pot match the lid. There will be a finished example on the DVD, but we don’t have those images yet.


  • Very cool, Jen! Thanks for sharing!! That rolled technique is really useful and easy! 🙂

  • Francine L.

    Interesting technique. It would be nice to see the finished result.

  • Mark is an excellent craftsman. I’m sure this DVD will have tons of information.

  • It was nice to hear Mark’s voice. I have watched all of his YouTube videos to the accompaniment of some catchy music, but no narration. What a clever way to make a lid. I throw this style on the wheel by opening to the bottom and pulling a cylinder that I then close, but there is always the possibility of getting a crack at the top, even with the knob and a clay button on the inside with my chop. I like Mark’s method because you get a real good compression of the clay, but does the “drop” open up a potential problem?

  • Jennifer H.


    I am getting sound here. Please double check your settings at home. You might also want to try a different browser.

    All best,
    Jennifer Harnetty

  • That was excellent. What a great new way to make lids (that fit)! I am excited to try this in my studio. I was waiting for the description of how Mark makes the lid smaller or larger…..Guess I have to uy the DVD 🙂

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