3 Smart and Simple Bisque Clay Hump Mold Techniques

Make Your Own Bisque Hump Molds for Ceramics


Making your own bisque slump or hump molds is probably the easiest and most accessible way to get into mold making in ceramics. All you do is create a prototype form that you can slump a slab of clay into or over, bisque fire it and presto! You then have a durable hump mold you can use over and over without even touching a bag of pottery plaster.

In today’s video, which is compiled from Kari Radasch’s Low-Tech Clay: High End Results, we have compiled three interesting ways to come up with your own custom bisque molds in whatever shape you can dream up. Have a look and then start thinking of your own custom shapes! – Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor.

 To learn more about Kari Radasch or to see more images of her work, please visit www.kariradasch.com/.

**First published in 2016.
  • Brenda S.

    Very nice video! I really don’t like working with pottery plaster, so I’ll have to give this a try. Thank you.

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