Totally Tubular! A Video Introduction to Using a Clay Extruder

Clay extruders are handy tools for the ceramics studio and can be used to make some amazing work – and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to own one. You can easily make a simple handheld extruder out of a caulking gun or, if you really have a knack for making tools, you can make a heavy-duty model.

Maydelle,Texas, potter David Hendley knows extruders. He’s been using them in his pottery since the 1970s! In today’s video, David gives a helpful introduction to extruders. He shares his expertise on making homemade dies, clearly explains the physics behind using two-part dies and demonstrates how to pull an extrusion using a two-part die. – Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor.

  • sherry d.

    Dave – what an amazing amount of clearly demonstrated and described information for a virgin extruder! Thank you so much. I am thinking whirligig and fountain construction using materials other than metal pipes where they can be substituted, shaped easily and embellished wildly.

    Again – thank you so much. Too bad I’m not in Texas –


  • Richard P.

    i recently purchased the dvd set myself…what a wealth of information. i think i was mostly influenced to buy them, after viewing and making my own twisted pump dispenser bottles…
    i wanted to learn more from Dave…

  • He was good but I’m not going to make an extruder. What I wanted to see was more of what he does with them. It was a good point to have the clay not be too moist. I have found that to be a problem. I guess I’ll hsve to buy the video

  • Hey Dave,

    I have all three of Dave’s DVD’s and I have learned so much from them and just talking to Dave. If you are down his way he will share even more with you.
    Thanks Dave

  • Barbara` B.

    The wee click was so good that I’ll buy the DVD. Explanation was thorough and clear concerning the basic equipment that was demoed.

  • This was the most useful, complete, easy to understand video I have seen! Also, it ran uninterrupted on my computer which was very nice. Thank you!

  • Ceramics Enthusiast S.

    I met David personally at his studio on a trip I made to Texas. He is great to talk to and I have his DVDs. The DVDs are extremely helpful and have really made a change in my extrusion work. There are lots of good geenral tips in the DVD which would be helpful to any potter.

  • Thanks for the wee click…..I do believe I will mosey over and check out the DVD set that is available. You have made this seem so very do-able!

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