Pottery Video of the Week: How to Make Gestural Sculptural Pottery Using Soft Slabs – Part Two

Last Friday, I posted a video filmed at a Potters Council conference earlier this year. In the video, Tammy Marinuzzi demonstrated her handbuilding techniques for her figurative functional pottery. I couldn’t quite condense it down to one video, so I had to split it up into two parts.


Today, I am sharing part two. In this segment, Tammy shows us how she makes the lids for her lidded jars, and how she adds life to the work by adding expressive eyes, noses, and mouths. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


 [youtube id=”CHBbHuCqx7c?rel=0″ width=”620″ height=”360″]


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This video was filmed at the Potters Council Surface + Form workshop.
To learn about upcoming Potters Council workshops visit www.potterscouncil.org.

To learn more about Tammy Marinuzzi or see more images of her finished work, please visit http://tammymarinuzzi.com.




  • wonderfull, I´m going to make some funny people!

  • Carmen M.

    wonderful and fun project defiantly bookmarking this one and will come back and watch it again. Thanks for sharing your creativity and techniques.

  • Keeling L.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration, You’re such a natural teacher.
    Would love to see Part 3 on glazing. Love your style.

  • OKAY FOR ONE if your sound isnt working dont bother her message the web site, second Tammy if you read this… im sooo gald i got to see this vid i didnt think of making small slabs and coiling them up like you do, and i loves the raddled idea, thats somthing i can do and make pot or tea bot fun, im going to have to steal that idea =). and do you use low fair clay and glazes ? thnx again for this vid.

  • Patricia P.

    Tammy, I love how you wait to see what the clay is saying to you. I usually throw, but I will be trying your handbuilding. Your pots are so creative. They make me smile. Thanks so much.

  • Tammy, your approach to developing your base form is fun, intuitive, and really free to interpretation.Thanks so much for letting us see your technique.

  • Jacqui D.

    Its great, but I miss half of it…. because the video just stop half way thru.
    Thank you so much for sharing… Keep it up Tammy.

  • OK! I tried it worked GREAT made Christmas gift for my son. I know he is just going to love it!!!! Thank you so!!!!!

  • Brigitta F.

    Tammy, your work is very inspiring and I cannot wait to try to make one of these cute pots just for the fun of it. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Jennifer H.

    To those having trouble with sound on this video:

    Unfortunately, we cannot replicate the sound problem here, so please double check the settings on your machines.

    To those who are having trouble getting any video at all:
    The majority of the problems with video lately have been due to incompatibility with Internet Explorer 9. Please see below.

    For Internet Explorer 9 users:
    If you are using Internet Explorer 9 and it is blank where the video intro with the white arrow should be please try clicking on ‘Compatibility View’, which is an icon that looks like a torn piece of paper in the URL box at the upper left of the screen. The video should appear and run.

  • Maureen K.

    I’m so glad I waited the two weeks to see both videos together, I would have been wishing the week away to see part two 😉

    Love your work Tammy. I now know I should be letting the clay speak to me rather than me telling it what to do. I’m inspired.

    Going to look out some clay now 😉

  • Babs J.

    Thank you so much for sharing. I learned about the shaping of the slab in part 1. I love how you react to the slab seams. I am amazed that you don’t get cracking after firing. You must have made a ton of these figures to add clay to the inside evenly.
    Thank you for sharing how you “see” things in your clay. I’m inspired to look at my a little differently to see what its telling me.
    Love your work,

  • Karen M.

    Thank you so much for sharing love your work! I have to give it a try, looks like fun:-)

  • Maria B.

    Creative, wonderful work.Thanks for sharing.

  • Doris P.

    What a bunch of fun pieces! I’m inspired to try and do this with thrown pieces too. Thanks so much for all the cool information, CAD. You rock!

  • love the work!!
    thanks for the nose tip:

  • Wayne A.

    I paid my bucks for a membership, and now I cannot view the videos. I could before, so what gives?

  • Jan T.

    I somehow did not get part 1 and the link here goes to Groupon only. There is no sound for this which makes the whole thing a bust from my perspective. Sorry.

  • Tammy, it was too fabulous to see your demo. I was always curious as to how you made those wonderful pots.
    Jill Keezer
    JWRU Arts & Crafts Center, UF

  • M J D.

    Love the eyes. It’s so difficult to convince students to make eye BALLS so that the eye is round and a volume instead of scratched in lines. Well done.

  • I’ve been waiting all week for Part 2 – thanks!

  • Donna A.

    The audio doesn’t seem to be working. This hasn’t been a problem in the past for me.

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