Screen Printing and Stenciling Underglaze Designs on Curvy Pots

Today’s video clip didn’t quite fit onto Meredith Host’s DVD because we ran out of space. But I just couldn’t bear having it languish on the cutting room floor, so I decided to share it with you all today.

As we all know, transferring two-dimensional designs onto a three-dimensional surface can be challenging – especially if that surface is curvy. In this clip, Meredith shows how she approaches screen printed and stenciled decoration on one of her curvy mugs. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.



This clip was excerpted from Form, Pattern, and Underglaze: Wheel Throwing and Decorating, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Daily Shop!

host-mug-finishedTo learn more about Meredith Host or to see more images of his/her work, please visit

  • Love this! Thank you.

    Libby Jutras…this is a bit belated, but try downloading some free software called, AdwareMedic, it fixed the problem for me. It’s not this website that caused the problem, by the way, it does have something to do with the fake Java message that you got saying you needed to update. In the future, go directly to Java to check for updates and ignore the messages that pop-up. Hope that helps!

  • A lovely combination of techniques- wonderful result!

  • Must be bisque ware she’s using, right?

  • Elizabeth J.

    I have been getting tons of pop ups on this site, including porn. After I completed a survey for Ceramics Arts Daily, the pop ups started immediately. The biggest problem is a pop up for Java update. Does anyone know how to get rid of these pop ups? I have researched this online and have tried everything. Thanks.

  • Silvia M.

    YES, would be nice to know what kind of silk screens/ stencil she use…

  • Jennifer H.

    @PattiKratzke Here’s a video where Meredith shows one way to make screens: She covers another process on her DVD. Also, just for future reference, you can use the search bar in the upper right corner of the website to search for more information on screen printing (or any topic). We have lots in our archives! – Jennifer Harnetty

  • Subscriber T.

    I want to know what she uses to make her own stencils! The information in this video is not useful unless we can get the means to carry it out.

  • Andrea L.

    Mayco has something out that they call silk screens how are these made? would like to make a custom one myself

  • Andrea L.

    Love the video, what is the name of the company that sells the screen making machine?

  • Alishia J.

    Screen printing technically involves using a stencil that is attached to a screen, with the ink being forced through the screen with a squeegee. If the stencil is held in your hand in can’t be called screen printing. What you just demonstrated in stencil printing. There was no screen involved.

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