How to Wedge Clay Properly

A Video Demonstration of How to Wedge Clay

Learning how to wedge clay is a tricky skill to pick up when starting out in pottery. While the goal of wedging clay is to remove air bubbles and create a homogeneous mass, many beginning potters end up wedging more air into their clay than they take out. So it’s important to learn how to wedge clay properly.

There are various different ways to wedge clay— ram’s head, spiral wedging, and wire wedging to name a few. In this video, an excerpt from Teaching Clay in the Classroom, part 1, Jeni Hansen Gard gives a clear demonstration of how to wedge clay in the rams head method, which is typically the easiest method to pick up. Jeni also gives advice on the proper height of the wedging table. –Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor.

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This clip was excerpted from Teaching Clay in the Classroom, Part 1 with Jeni Hansen Gard, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Network Shop. To learn more about Jeni Hansen Gard, and see more images of her work, please visit her website or visit her instagram at @joyfindingwithjeni.

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Get your copy of the must-watch guide for K-12 ceramics teachers, Teaching Clay in the Classroom, Part 1 with Jeni Hansen Gard! Teaching Clay in the Classroom is the first video of its kind and takes the guesswork out of setting up a teaching studio that is both efficient and safe!

Wedging clay definition: the process of kneading the clay with the hands to remove air bubbles and ensure a homogenous mass. A fun exercise to see how long it takes to crate a truly homogenous mass of clay is to wedge together two chunks of different colored clays. Wedge the two chunks together and when the clay is no longer marbleized, the clay is sufficiently wedged!

**First published in 2018.
  • Good introductory information, however no discussion on particle alignment and which direction the clay should be marked for placement on the wheel.

  • Larry R.

    Well illustrated. Good review for all of us to check our technique. Would like to have her show the next step of the correct placement to use the wedged clay for throwing.

  • Subscriber T.

    This is a wonderful video to show to beginners. It makes it look easy and it shows very clearly what is going on.

    • Hi Karen,
      We’ve just checked and the video does have sound. Make sure the sound is on on your device (computer, tablet, or phone) and that the video’s sound slider is all the way over to the right. -CAN Staff

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