Temmoku Glaze, Cone 6, reduction

Temmoku Glaze Cone 6, reduction
Glaze Material
Whiting 20%
Custer Feldspar 35%
Kentucky Ball Clay (OM 4) 15%
Silica (Flint) 30%
Total: 100%
Red Iron Oxide 10%
This is a cone 10 glaze that works equally well at cone 6; yields yellow “tea dust” crystals in reduction. Not as interesting in oxidation; just lies there and looks brown.
  • Christian, how did it go in oxidation? I would be interested to know. Thanks

  • Janice, I used this glaze in oxidation, and it was basically a flat brown. However, after it sat for a very long time (like a few years), it began developing those yellow iron crystals on the surface. If you don’t want to wait that long, you might try brushing iron oxide over the surface of the raw glaze and cooling it very slowly to let those crystals develop. have fun testing!

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