Floating Blue Glaze Recipe, Cone 6 oxidation

Floating Blue Glaze Recipe Cone 6 oxidation
Glaze Material
Gerstley Borate 26%
Nepheline Syenite 48%
Edgar Plastic Kaolin (EPK) 6%
Flint (325 mesh) 20%
Total 100%
Cobalt Oxide 1%
Light Rutile 4%
Red Iron Oxide 2%
  • How much water goes into this recipe?

    i.e. Amount of water to dry weight of mixture

  • ive just run a few tests on this glaze…. WOWZER! Really quite beautiful. lots of interesting features in the melt and the breaking edges are fantastic. I would even go as far as to say that this look better when it it brushed on rather than dipped. i took this up 1240˙c nice and slow. This raises the cone a little more than 6, maybe 8-9 and still quite stunning.

    My only complaint…. GERSTLEY BORATE : (

    not only does this raise the cost of the glaze recipe but its availability is questionable. I do however like the way that it avoids scientifically controlled Frits that take the fun out things.

    I highly recommend this glaze. Dont wait, mix up a test batch and try it out.


  • Penny D.

    This glaze is super cool! I was not expecting much but boy I was wowed with this glaze.
    When you apply it thin, its a pretty brown and with thicker dips, the glaze turns blue. A pretty bright blue.
    For me, its hard to find a glaze that responds with multiple colors within that one glaze. Of course its easily done with pre made bottled glazes..but then we aren’t here looking for pre made glazes… 🙂
    I will post a picture soon.

  • I live in WA state. Does anyone know of classes on glazing?

  • What type of clay body is the glaze on in the sample image?

  • Janice W.

    Will definately try this glaze. Thank you! I might try spraying some ash over this too. If anyone has already tried that, i would love top hear how it looks. Jan Australia

  • Thank you for the resipi i wish i will have this color on my pot..it’s so beautiful.
    lamis -Australia

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