Hirsh Satin Matt Base Glaze Recipe, Cone 04-02 oxidation

Hirsh Satin Matt Base Glaze Recipe
Cone 04-02 Oxidation
Glaze Material
Gerstley Borate 32%
Lithium Carbonate 9
Whiting 17
Nepheline Syenite 4
EPK Kaolin 4
Silica (Flint) 35
Total 100%


Bentonite 2%
For Green:
Chrome Oxide 1%
For Yellow:
Yellow Stain 8%
For Light Blue
Copper Carbonate 1.5%
  • Rodrigo Z.

    Jennifer, I haven’t tried this, but maybe you could try frits 3195. It’s bore based and melts to a very low temperature, just like GB.

  • Sandy P.

    I love this glaze although it is much more turquoise when I make it with the Copper. My question is does anyone know if this glaze is food safe?

  • Karen M.

    MC 200-K feldspar– there was an article about it as a substitute for G-200 and Gerstley Borate in Ceramics Technical Vol 15 issue 2

  • Behrens Matte is similar without the Gerstley ^ 04 – 02

    40 Frit 3134
    25 Wollastonite
    21 EPK
    7 Lithium carb
    5 Silica

  • Jennifer C.

    Has anyone found a good GB substitute to use with this glaze recipe?


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