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Published Apr 28, 2023

slump molds for clayI have a bit of an obsession with making and using slump molds for clay these days. This fascination with the drape mold was no doubt influenced by filming Brenda Quinn’s video!

In today’s video clip, an excerpt from her video Mix & Match: Forming Techniques, Brenda shares some of the interesting ways she uses cheap, readily available materials to make slump molds for clay! - Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor


Discover new forms by making slump molds for pottery with easily accessible materials!

Being a teacher, Brenda Quinn is always looking for new ways to inspire her students to create new and exciting work. She realized that using plaster molds for handbuilding didn't allow her to experiment with new slump mold forms because the process of making molds was too time consuming. Plus, she wanted to limit the amount of plaster in her studio. So she started playing around with different materials for slump molds that would allow her to play with different ideas without spending a lot of time or money. Using cardboard to make slump molds for pottery enabled Brenda (and her students) to quickly test new forms and experiment more. If they didn't like a form, all they had to do was throw the mold in the recycling pile! Successful cardboard slump molds could be remade in foam core. And best of all the molds could be mixed and matched or combined to make variations. Best of all, all of her explorations into various techniques for slump molds have also helped her keep her own studio practice exciting!

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**First published in 2017.