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Published Aug 21, 2017

top5-glazes-620Understanding how ceramic materials behave when fired is essential to taking your work to a professional level. And the best way to gain this understanding is to test test test! But many potters shy away from testing because it can seem a little overwhelming.

That’s why today I decided to gather 5 of our best ceramic glaze testing resources from over the years in one place. The posts below will help dispel any glaze testing phobias you might have or get the most out of any testing you may already do. See, glaze chemistry isn’t so scary after all! - Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor


Glaze Chemistry 101: A Quick Course on How To Make and Test Your Own Custom Ceramic Glazes

Chemistry for Potters: A Simplified Explanation of Common Glaze Materials

How to Do a Triaxial Blend to Test Pottery Glazes

Line Blends: A Surefire Way to Build Your Understanding of Ceramic Glaze Materials

Guidelines for Using Commercial Stains in Glazes





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