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Published Dec 22, 2023

low-fire soda firingLow-fire soda firing has been gaining momentum in recent years and it's no wonder. It is more energy efficient than traditional high-fire soda firing, has a faster turn-around time, and can yield exciting results that aren't possible at the higher temperatures.

In his video Soda Firing Earthenware, Justin Rothshank provides an excellent start-to-finish guide to the process. In this excerpt from Soda Firing Earthenware, Justin shares how he uses a copper green glaze to get great effects in the low-fire soda kiln. Watch and be inspired to explore low-fire soda firing! - Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor


This clip was excerpted from Soda Firing Earthenware, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Network Shop. It's the perfect companion to Justin's book Low-Fire Soda.

More on Soda Firing!

Soda glazing was developed as less environmentally harmful alternative to salt glazing, but has proven to be much more than that—the potential of soda firing goes far beyond just being a substitute for salt. And Ceramic Arts Network has lots of articles on the subject in its archives. In this post from the archives, Gail Nichols shares some soda firing techniques and a soda slip recipe. In this post, Michael Kline shares 5 tips for stacking pots in soda, wood, or salt kilns. But if you don't have a soda kiln, or any other atmospheric kiln, check out this post to see how to get atmospheric like effects in a cone 6 electric kiln.

**First published in 2020.