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Published Mar 13, 2018

ceramic artist, Lisa Blake

Ceramic Arts Network Editors: Do you teach ceramics? If so, how did you first get involved with teaching clay classes?

Lisa Blake: I started out as an undergraduate Fine Arts major. I was completely absorbed in 2-dimensional art and was certain I had no talent in 3-dimensional work. I took all my art classes and saved ceramics for the very last where I did my best, made it through the class, and moved on.

Lisa Blake Ceramic Artist

Later, I became certified to teach and the only job available was a ceramics teaching position so I applied. I got the job and immersed myself into the subject head first. I knew that I knew more than my students, so that would get me by for awhile. I learned so much from teaching; problem solving, experimenting, and "Happy Accidents," that I became very knowledgeable on the subject and had very good end results.

I now have my own studio and sell my work. I laugh at my own skepticism from the start. You never know where life will take you!


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