Does your organization offer a residency that’s open to ceramic artists?

Use the form below to let us know about it!

Information received by October 16, 2023 will be included in the January 2024 issue of Ceramics Monthly. Listings received after that date will be added to the website periodically.

Residencies Submission Form

Examples: June 1–October 1, 2022; 1–2 months between January 2022 and January 2023; One year (August 1, 2022–August 1, 2023), etc.

Examples: Emerging artists, must not be enrolled as a student, mid-career artists, artists with woodfiring experience, etc.

Please total all fees or list as $0 for no fees.

Examples: Materials, firings, studio space, lodging, etc. Please indicate what residency includes even if no fees are charged.

Examples: Solo exhibition, teach classes, sell work in gallery shop, attend workshops, etc.

Examples: Monthly stipend of $200; fees waived for workshops; etc.

Example: Work 10 hours/week as studio technician; studio maintenance; work minimum of 20 hours/week in studio during business hours; give 1 public artist's lecture; mentor students; fire group kilns, etc.

Deadline for submitting a listing: October 16, 2023