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Focus: Back to Work, Back to School

Routines can be tools of self-preservation in the studio, but it’s important to shake them up sometimes as it forces you to apply your knowledge and problem solving skills in a different way. —Sherman Hall, Editor

On the cover: Forrest Lesch-Middelton’s minaret bottles, to 18 in. (46 cm) in height, iron rich stoneware with slip-transfer patterns, fired to cone 9, reduction cooled, 2011.

In This Issue

Clay Culture: Does Clay DIY? by Holly GoringClay Culture: Splitting Wood (Kilns) by Jessica KnappTechno File: The Lure of Lithium by Dave Finkelnburg

Clay Culture: RemembrancesStudio Visit: Ulrich Schumann, Berlin, GermanyForrest Lesch-Middelton: Beauty from Contrasts by Jeffrey Spahn

An Extension of the Self: Bob Dolan and His Tools by Jack TroyPotter Head Hunter by Naomi TsukamotoLast Supper by Megan Fizell

MFA Factor: University of Montana, Missoula2011 Undergraduate ShowcaseGlaze: Celadons at Six by John Britt

Spotlight: In Service of Food Ryan Fletcher


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