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Focus: Business

On the cover: Vessel Group by Ryan McKerley to 10 inches in height, thrown porcelain, with resisted relief, and soda-fired.

In This Issue

Working for Others or for Yourself: It’s a Choice by Dennis W. SmithThe Lillstreet Art Center: Thirty Years by Elizabeth ReichertThe Reach of 16 Hands by Jamie Davis

The Long Apprenticeship by Daniel Bellow Barbro Aberg by Ulla Munck JorgensenTony Moore: Lyricist in a Time of War by Roger Lipsey

Albert Pfarr by Julie Stevenson A Look West from Japan by Mariko SwisherElsa Rady: The Cycladic Swings by Elaine Levin

Pei Xueli: Tradition and Innovation by Glen R. Brown Footsteps to Follow: Eric Strader’s Branch on the Pottery Family Tree by Marshall KingDeirdre McLoughlin by Nesrin During


Letters from Readers 
Suggestions New Books   
A Production Potter’s Advice by Frank Gosar