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Focus: Working Potters

Eight full-time working potters share their insights on making it in the pottery world, in the studio and in life.

On the cover: Diana Fayt

In This Issue

Work and Play: The Potter's LifeSusan Peterson, 1925-2009 by Margaret CarneyKari Radasch and the Sweetness of Discovery by Katey Schultz

Ron Rivera, 1948-2008 by Peter ChartrandNan Smith: Evoking Nostalgia by Glen R. Brown

Work and Play: The Potter's Life; Naomi Cleary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Paul Eshelman, Elizabeth, Illinois; Jennifer Allen, Morgantown, West Virginia; Simon Levin, Gresham, Wisconsin; Kathryn Finnerty, Pleasant Hill, Oregon; Maren Kloppmann, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Mark Hewitt, Pittsboro, North Carolina; Diana Fayt, San Francisco, California