Features in this Issue

Focus: Clay and Design

In this issue, among our usual fare, we will talk about the approach to ceramic design some have taken, and look at the resulting work. —Sherman Hall, Editor.

On the cover: Paul Donnelly’s pitcher set, wheel-thrown porcelain, oxidation-fired, wood base, 2011.

In This Issue

Ben Jackel: Use Only in Case of Emergency by Kathleen WhitneyReversing the Flow: European Designers in China by Heidi McKenzieAdding to the Story: The Work of Martina Lantin by Katey Schultz

Paul Donnelly: A Foundation in Contrast by Glen R. BrownThe Implications of Function by Jeremy RandallExhibition Review: Out of Necessity: Contemporary Interventions by Owen Duffy


Clay Culture: Pottery from Poland by Jenna Makowski
Clay Culture:  Reclaimed Iron Oxide by Skip Sensbach
Studio Visit: Nicholas Bernard, Scottsdale, Arizona
Tips and Tools: Repurposing Tools by Marty Jones and Don Kopyscinski
Techno File: Firing Faster by Dave Finkelnburg
Recipes: Martina Lantin's and Paul Donnelly's glaze recipes
Spotlight: Intersections by Heather Mae Erickson