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Focus: Summer Workshops

On the cover: Detail of Mineo Mizuno’s 23577 X Zero, 4 ft. 1/2 in. (1.2 m.) in diameter, 2009.

In This Issue

Mineo Mizuno: Water, Silence, Zero by Kathleen WhitneySanam Emami: Channeling the Silk Road by Glen R. BrownInfinite Interpretations by Christina Bryer

Exhibition Review: Go East: Canadians Create in China by Heidi McKenzieExhibition Review: No Rules: Contemporary Clay by Emily Schroeder Willis


Studio Visit: Betsy Williams, Dixon, New Mexico
Clay Culture: Bomb Pots by Debra Chronister
Clay Culture: The Last Sane Man by Mark Hewitt
Techno File: Shrinkage by Dave Finkelnburg
Tips and Tools: Sgraffito Tools by Nancy Gallagher
Spotlight: Dinnerware Museum by Dr. Margaret Carney