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Welcome to your workshop! Whether you’re attending in person or online, we’ve pulled together the best of Pottery Making Illustrated and Ceramics Monthly for you to enjoy in the studio including projects on throwing, handbuilding, surface design, and glazing.
If you’re familiar with Pottery Making Illustrated and Ceramics Monthly, then you already know these two publications are packed with practical information, helpful studio tips, and step-by-step techniques. The articles shared here provide a sampling of some of the great content in each issue. Download your copy of the Workshop Handbook today!
You’ll also find a wealth of information on the magazines’ websites: and Guests can access their choice of articles for free on a limited monthly basis. For more tips and techniques, check out hundreds of free posts and scores of how-to videos on the Ceramic Arts Network. Enjoy your workshop!

—Jessica Knapp, Editor, Ceramics Monthly, and Holly Goring, Editor, Pottery Making Illustrated.

On the cover: (Clockwise from top left): Melissa Weiss adding a thick coil to a handbuilt bucket; Melissa Mytty applying dots of luster to a glazed tumbler; Joyce St. Clair Voltz creating a textural sprig to add to a vessel; Arthur Halvorsen’s slab plate with layered newsprint transfers; Andrea Denniston trailing glaze onto a tulipiere; Don Clark cutting slots in a soft-brick test-tile rack.


In This Issue

Unifying Form, Texture, and Surface by Joyce St. Clair Voltz
Standing Test Tiles by Don Clark
Archive Glaze Tests by Alisa Liskin Clausen
Dots Galore by Melissa Mytty
Guest Potter Tips by Lisa York
Exploring the Tulipiere by Andrea Denniston
Fab Lab Sponges by Paul Wisotzky
Soft Bricks by Catie Miller
Applying Newsprint Transfers by Arthur Halvorsen
X-Acto Knife Hacks illustrated by Robin Ouellette
An Easy Introduction to Coil Buckets by Melissa Weiss
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