Want to try a different firing type, learn some new glazing techniques, meet fellow ceramic artists, or just get away and immerse yourself in a week or two of all-day hands-on clay making? A summer workshop might be just the thing. Be sure to contact the workshop venue for the exact details and dates of each workshop. Fill out our online form to be included in the next listing.

1 Participants in the 2023 Session 5 clay workshop Masibumbe (Soul Shaping into Clay) on the clay deck at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, August 2023. 

US Summer Workshops

International Summer Workshops

California, Idyllwild Back to top

Week I – “All Things Pottery,” with Sam Lopez, “Critters in Clay,” with Lynne Hobaica, “Beyond Molds: Animal Head Mastery,” with Russell Wrankle (June 9-15). Fee: $960.

 Week II – “Kinship And Variation: Pots As Containers,” with Sanam Emami, “Ceramics And Clay, Any Which Way,” with Amy Santoferraro, “Clay Identity: Sculpting Busts,” with Nathan Murray (June 16-22). Fee: $960.

 Week III – “Porcelain: Two Approaches,” with Susan Filley and Leah Leitson, “Chromatics in Clay,” with Justin D’Onofrio (June 23-29). Fee: $960.

Contact Adrienne Eliades, Idyllwild Arts Academy and Summer Programhotclay@idyllwildarts.orghttps://idyllwildarts.org/hot-clay; 951-468-7265.

California, Monrovia

“Creative Ceramics Retreat 2024,” with Emilie Parker, Zac Hould, Jordan Franco, Clementine Radoff (June 23–28). Fee: $998 for adults, $848 for teens 15-19.

Contact Emilie Parker, ClayArt West; emilie.v.parker@gmail.com; www.clayartpotterywest.com; (240) 350-8533.

2 Madoda Fani, instructor of Masibumbe (Soul Shaping into Clay), working on a vessel in the clay studio.

California, San Francisco

“Handbuilt Vessels for Tea & Sake Workshop,” with Mitch Iburg & Zoë Powell (August 24–25). Fee: $500.

Contact Sam Lee, Dusted and Blue; dustedandblue@gmail.com; https://www.dustedandblue.com/; (209) 914-5801

Colorado, Carbondale

“SUMMONING, STRETCHING, & STRENGTHENING: Ideas & Techniques for Form Exploration & Surface Design,” with Jen Allen & Sanam Emami (August 3-4). Fee: $250 for CCC Members, $300 Non-CCC Members.

Contact Elise Hillbrand, The Carbondale Clay Center; marketing@carbondaleclay.org; carbondaleclay.org; (970) 963-2529

Colorado, Snowmass Village

“Path into Practice: Wheel Throwing and the Creative Process,” with Yutaka Kawahito (June 3-14). Fee: $1450.

“Explorations in Kiln-Formed Glass and Ceramics,” with Kelly Witmer (June 3-7). Fee: $1200.

“Building with Clay and Steel,” with Trey Hill (June 10-21). Fee: $1600.

“Cups, Stories and Empathy,” with Chris Staley and Ashlyn Pope (June 17-21). Fee: $1200.

“Thinking Positive: Molding and Casting the Sculptural Form,” with Hae Won Sohn (June 17-28). Fee: $1450.

“Thrown and Altered Forms for Soda Firing,” with Stuart Gair (June 24-July 5). Fee: $1450.

“Better Living through Glaze Chemistry,” with Matt Katz (June 24-July 5). Fee: $1450.

“Sense of Place: The Artist's Voice,” with Doug Casebeer (July 15-26). Fee: $1450.

“Exploring Forms: Hand-Building,” with Takuro and Hitomi Shibata (July 15-26). Fee: $1600.

“Ceramic Tool Making using Digital Fabrication Processes” with Mary Margaret Sims (July 29-August 2). Fee: $1200.

“Beginning Adult Wheel: Back to Basics” with Joanne Seongweon Lee (July 29-August 2). Fee: $1200.

“Rerecorded Bodies” with Jinsik Yoo (July 29-August 9). Fee: $1450.

“The Center: The Mold and Matrix: Ceramic Process and Narrative Form” with Ebitenyefa Baralaye and Del Harrow (August 5-16). Fee: $2250.

“Clay, Hand and Machine: Computer-Aided Clay Processes” with Audrey An (August 5-16). Fee: $1450.

“Expression of Depth and Layering” with Heesoo Lee (August 12-23). Fee: $1450.

“Ceramics Summer Studio Sessions” with Joanne Seongweon Lee (August 19-30). Fee: $2000.

“Putting a Lid on It” with David MacDonald (August 19-30). Fee: $1550.

“Clay Collage” with Joanna Poag (August 26-September 6). Fee: $1450.

“It's Never Too Late: Post-Glaze Processes” with Melanie Sherman (September 2-6). Fee: $1200.

“Studio, Farm, Table: The Art of Dining” with Alleghany Meadows and Barclay Dodge (September 9-20). Fee: $1550.

“Face Your Fears: Discovering Bold New Forms” with Sam Harvey (September 9-20). Fee: $1450.

Contact Louise Deroualle, Anderson Ranch Arts Center; info@andersonranch.org; www.andersonranch.org; 970-923-3181.

3 An artist resident working in the clay studio during Open Studio Residency, June 2023.

Connecticut, South Kent

“Fluid Form and Dynamic Decoration” with Lisa Orr (May 3-6). Fee: $440.

“Thrown, Altered and Assembled: Developing Cohesive Forms” with Ted Neal (July 12-15). Fee: $440.

“Stencil Cutting” with Kyle Scott Lee  (July 27-28). Fee: $220.

“Kurinuki” with Elena Renker (August 5-8). Fee: $450.

“Ram and Slam” with Scott Ross (August 23-26). Fee: $440

“Slab ‘n Gab (a la Stitch ‘n Bitch)” with Birdie Boone (September 13-16). Fee: $440.

Contact Alison Palmer, The Alison Palmer Studio; spoonrest@icloud.com; www.alisonpalmerstudio.com; 860-927-4680.

Iowa, Decorah

“South Bear School Pottery Workshop,” with Lane Schwarz, Phil Raskin and others. (July 15–27). Fee: $550 for 1 Week, $1200 for 2 Weeks (Includes weekend between), $175 for just the Weekend of July 21 & 22 of Alumni-led workshops.

Contact Marguerite Schwarz, South Bear Schoolinfo@southbearschool.orghttps://southbearschool.org; 563-419-4055.

Kansas, Lindsborg

“Arts on the Prairie: Workshops for Creative Spirits,” with Carol Long. (June 2–6). Fee: $950.

Contact Ron Michael, Birger Sandzen Memorial Gallery; sandzengallery@gmail.comartsontheprairie.com; 785-227-2220.

4 Technical Assistant Vulisango Ndwandwa giving a demonstration to workshop participants in Masibumbe (Soul Shaping into Clay).

Maine, Deer Isle Back to top

“The Infinite School at Haystack,” with Julia Haft-Candell (June 9–21). Fee: $1415 tuition, plus room and board, shop fees.

“Not Winging It: Calculated Uncertainty,” with Sarah Hussaini (June 23–July 5). Fee: $1370 tuition, plus room and board, shop fees.

“One Tough B*tch,” with Jennifer Ling Datchuk (July 14-26). Fee: $1415 tuition, plus room and board, shop fees.

“Exploring Native Materials,” with Nathan Willever (July 28–August 9). Fee: $1415 tuition, plus room and board, shop fees.

“Pour & Slip: Experiments in Plaster Mold Making & Slip Casting,” with Victoria Ashley Shaheen (August 11–23). Fee: $1415 tuition, plus room and board, shop fees.

“Signs, Symbols, & Marks: Discover your Surface Pattern Design Language,” with Malene Djenaba Barnett (August 25–31). Fee: $755 tuition, plus room and board, shop fees.

Contact Sarah Tietje-Mietz, Haystack Mountain School of Craftshaystack@haystack-mtn.orgwww.haystack-mtn.org; 207-348-2306.

Massachusetts, Truro

“Beasts & Bowls,” with Steve Murphy (June 17-21). Fee: $575.

“Art of Woodfire (1),” with Christopher Smith (June 23-29). Fee: $525.

“Hand Meets Wheel,” with Wes Brown (June 24-28). Fee: $575.

“Strategies for Improving Your Pots,” with Ben Krupka (July 1-5). Fee: $575.

“Handbuilding & Raku for Everyone,” with Ryder Gordon (July 1-5). Fee: $575.

“Wheel Throwing for All,” with Ben Krupka (July 8-12). Fee: $575.

“Powerful Pictures: Stories on Clay,” with Shanna Fliegel (July 8-12). Fee: $575.

“Handbuilding Animals,” with Hannah Niswonger (July 15-19). Fee: $575.

“Shape Shifting,” with Paul Wisotzky (July 15-19). Fee: $575.

“Onward, Upward, & Outward at the Wheel: A Master Class,” with Jack Troy (July 22-26). Fee: $680.

“Going Big with Coil Building,” with Jenny Peace (July 22-26). Fee: $575.

“Summer Glaze Session 1 (July),” with Paul Wisotzky (July 27). Fee: $100.

“Art of Woodfire (2),” with Jack Troy (July 28-August 3). Fee: $650.

“Not in My Comfort Zone: Expanding Personal Horizons in Clay,” with Jeff Shapiro (July 29-August 2). Fee: $575.

“Fresh and Lively Functional Pots: Alternating on the Wheel with Soft Clay,” with Gay Smith (August 5-9). Fee: $575.

“Ceremonial Bowls,” with Susan Bernstein (August 5-9). Fee: $575.

“Pushing Beyond the Familiar,” with Chris Archer (August 12-16). Fee: $575.

“Ceramic Masks and Faces,” with Benji Heu (August 12-16). Fee: $575.

“Making a Delightful Pot,” with Mark Shapiro (August 19-23). Fee: $575.

“Focus on the Face,” with Misty Gamble (August 19-23). Fee: $575.

“Summer Glaze Session 2 (August),” with Paul Wisotzky (August 24). Fee: $100.

“Staying Centered: An Introduction to the Potter’s Wheel,” with Isabel Souza (August 26-30). Fee: $575.

“Small Wonders,” with Mark Burns (August 26-30). Fee: $575.

“Culture, Narrative, and Clay,” with Kevin Snipes (September 3-6). Fee: $575.

“Capturing the Clay in the Moment: Thrown Pots,” with Aysha Peltz (September 3-6). Fee: $575.

“Heat-Smoke-Fire: Alternative Firing Techniques,” with Lois Hirshberg (September 9-13). Fee: $545.

“Throwing on the Wheel: Thinking in the Round,” with Rachel Dubicki (September 9-13). Fee: $575.

“Summer Glaze Session 3 (September),” with Paul Wisotzky (September 14). Fee: $100.

“Throwing by the Gallon,” with Guy Wolff (September 21-22). Fee: $430.

“Art of Woodfire (3),” with Christopher Smith (September 22-28). Fee: $525.

Contact Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hillinfo@castlehill.orgcherie@castlehill.orgwww.castlehill.org; 508-349-7511.

5 Eva Kwong’s Big Ball Vase. Kwong will be teaching at Penland School of Craft, during the 2024 Summer Session 5.

Massachusetts, Williamsburg

“Ceramic Tiles: Design & Technique,” with Donna McGee (May 24–27). Fee: $570.

“Put A Lid On It: Tops for Ceramics Vessels,” with David MacDonald (June 2–7). Fee: $775.

“Wheel Throwing for Beginners,” with Emily Asenath-Smith (June 7–9). Fee: $435.

“Handbuilt Plates, Two Ways,” with Ruth Easterbrook (June 12–16). Fee: $665.

“Faceting Thrown Forms,” with Natania Hume (June 19–23). Fee: $650.

“Mold, Press, Repeat – in Clay,” with George Rodriguez (July 31–August 4). Fee: $655.

“Solving the Puzzle: Teapots!,” with Maya Machin (August 21–25). Fee: $655.

“Throwing Big: Making Large Vessels on the Wheel,” with Steve Theberge (August 30–September 2). Fee: $665.

“Teaching Ceramics: Getting Started, Solving Problems, Best Practices,” with Nicole Singer (September 6–8). Fee: $440.

Contact Snow Farm: The New England Craft Programinfo@snowfarm.orgcanvas.snowfarm.org; 413-268-3101.

Michigan, Kalamazoo

“2024 Summer Intensive Workshop,” with George Rodriguez and Alex Zablocki (May 20–31). Fee: Full 2-week workshop: $650, 1 Day pass: $65, 2-Day $110.

Contact Kyle Triplett, Morean Center for Clay at Western Michigan University; kyle.triplett@wmich.edu; https://wmich.edu/morean; 573-271-6051.

6 Monica Duke and Melinda Crider working on head/bust sculptures at the Kirsten Stingle Sculptural Sirens workshop. 7 Natalie Shepard, August Lance, Liz Smith working during Amanda Salov’s invitational workshop.

Minnesota, Grand Marais

“Thinking through Process: Altering the Thrown Form,” with Ernest Miller (June 24–28). Fee: $735.

Contact Ruth Pszwaro, Grand Marais Art Colony; info@grandmaraisartcolony.org; grandmaraisartcolony.org; 218-387-2737.

Minnesota, Saint Paul

“Introduction to Local Materials Workshop,” with Mitch Iburg and Zoë Powell (May 23–27). Fee: $700.

“Introduction to Local Materials Workshop,” with Mitch Iburg and Zoë Powell (September 2–6). Fee: $700.

Contact Studio Alluvium LLCstudio.alluvium@gmail.comwww.studioalluvium.com; 804-551-1486.

Mississippi, Natchez

“Cups, Saucers, Mugs and Handles,” with Conner Burns (June 22–23). Fee: TBA.

“Plates and Platters,” with Conner Burns (September 14–15). Fee: TBA.

Contact Conner Burns, Conner Burns Studio; studioburns@aol.com; www.connerburns.com; 601-446-6334.

Montana, Missoula

“Coil-Building Narrative Figurative Sculpture,” with Adrian Arleo (August 12–16). Fee: $850.

Contact Shalene Valenzuela, The Clay Studio of Missoula; director@theclaystudioofmissoula.org; www.theclaystudioofmissoula.org; 406-543-0509

New Hampshire, Orford

“Improvisation in Figurative Clay Sculpture,” with Michelle Gregor (June 17–21). Fee: $750.

“Sgraffito Designs,” with Sarah Anderson (July 12–14). Fee: $550.

“Slab Happy Swimmers,” with Ben Lambert (July 22–26). Fee: $750.

“Mono-Printing on Clay,” with Lakyn Bowman (August 2–4). Fee: $550.

“Animals in Clay,” with Ariel Bowman (August 12–16). Fee: $750.

Contact Blackberry Hill Art Center; dianne@blackberryhillartcenter.com; www.BlackberryHillArtCenter.com; 603-353-4312.

New Jersey, Layton

“Handbuilding Plates and Platters” with Gail Kendall and Normandy Alden (May 31–June 4). Fee: $850.

“Teapots and More: Vessels that Pour,” with John Neely (June 7–11). Fee: $845.

“Really Big, Really Light,” with Rebecca Hutchinson (June 14–18). Fee: $920.

“Just Add Plaster: Mold Making for Ceramics,” with Seth Nagelberg (June 21–25). Fee: $860.

“Firing the Noborigama: Layering Surfaces with Wood Firing,” with Jonathan Pacheco (June 28–July 2). Fee: $895.

“Happy Slip Trails: Constructing with Liquid Porcelain,” with Stephanie Lanter (July 6–7). Fee: $445.

“Slow Throwing: Handbuilding on the Wheel,” with Jess Thompson (July 12–16). Fee: $840.

“Clay Surface and Form: An Exploration of Relationships,” with Melissa Mencini (July 19–23). Fee: $855.

“The Narrative Figure: Stories in Clay,” with Kelly and Kyle Phelps (July 26–30). Fee: $860.

“Making Pots that Pour,” with Lorna Meaden (August 2–6). Fee: $850.

“Making work for the Anagama,” with Tara Wilson (August 9–13). Fee: $970.

“Firing the Anagama,” with Tara Wilson (August 14–21). Fee: $1250.

“Creative Experiments with Color,” with Gwendolyn Yoppolo (August 30–September 1). Fee: $620.

“Handbuilding Lidded Jars,” with Michelle Im (September 6–8). Fee: $600.

Contact Jennifer Apgar, Peters Valley School of Craft; info@petersvalley.org; www.petersvalley.org;

8 Lakyn Bowman and participants during the 2023 Mono-printing on Clay workshop at Blackberry Hill Art Center.

New Mexico, Albuquerque

“NMPCA 2024 workshop at Ghost Ranch,” with Lee Akins, Barbara Campbell, Kerry M Halasz, and Sheryl Zachariah (in Abiquiu, New Mexico) (August 23–25). Fee: TBA.

Contact New Mexico Potters & Clay Artists; workshop@nmpotters.org; www.nmpotters.org; 505-400-5758.

New Mexico, Taos

“Raku Ceramics: Traditional to Contemporary,” with Jim Romberg (June 15–16). Fee: $450.

“The Vessel as Sculpture: Pushing the Limits of the Vessel Form,” with Sharon Brush (August 17–18). Fee: $425.

“Surface Decoration in Clay,” with Abby Salsbury (August 24–25). Fee: $395.

“Expressive Clay: Underglaze Monoprint Transfer,” with Nathan Goddard (August 31–September 1). Fee: $425.

Contact Taos Ceramics Centermanager@taosceramics.comwww.taosceramics.com; 575-758-2580.

New York, Alfred

“Ceramic Science for the Artist: Cone 6,” with William Carty (June 24–28). Fee: $500.

“Pots With Personality: Playful Forms on the Potter's Wheel,” with Chris Alveshere (June 29). Fee: $100.

“Tile: Exploring Digital Methods,” with Jason Green (June 24–July 5). Fee: $1000.

“Wood Fire with Reduction Cool,” with Lindsay Oesterritter (June 24–July 5). Fee: $1000.

“CERAMICS HIGH SCHOOL INSTITUTE Wheel Throwing Intensive: Working with Intention,” with Chris Alveshere (July 8–12). Fee: $600–900.

“Hand Turned Ceramics: Pinch Pots,” with Paul Briggs (July 8–19). Fee: TBA.

“Alfred Summer Arts : Open Studio Intensive,” with George Rodriguez, Yoonjee Kwak, Youngmi Lee, and Matt Kelleher (June 24–July 19). Fee: $2000.

“Think BIG!: Scaling Up on the Wheel,” (August 21–September 3). Fee: $675.

Contact Alfred University; browncr@alfred.edu; www.alfred.edu/about/arts-at-alfred/alfred-summer-arts; 607-871-2767.

New York, Maplecrest

“Big Burn: General Mayhem,” with Bruce Dehnert and Steve Cook (June 14–18). Fee: $660.

“Weekly Hand Building Ceramics,” with Maureen Garcia (June 19-August 21). Fee: $325.

“Weekly Wheel Throwing Ceramics,” with Meredith Kunhardt (June 19–August 21). Fee: $325.

“From Nature to Art: A Wild Clay Pottery Workshop,” with Takuro and Hitomi Shibata (June 21–25). Fee: $740.

“Hand Built Pottery: From Flat to Form,” with Bill Griffith (June 28–July 2). Fee: $590.

“Soda Firing Intensive,” with Chris Archer (June 28–July 1). Fee: $490.

“Glaze and Materials Science for the Artist: PLUS!,” with Dr. William M. Carty (July 5–9). Fee: $600.

“Leveling Up: Porcelain and Celadon,” with Francine Epstein (July 5–9). Fee: $600.

“Five Days with Adjectives,” with John Gill (July 12–16). Fee: $690.

“Claying with Soda Firing,” with Chad Steve (July 19–23). Fee: $610.

“Smokin' Like A Freight Train,” with Ben Owen (July 26–August 3). Fee: $1070.

“Dwippy Glaze Play and The Diminutive Teapot,” with Fong Choo (August 9–13). Fee: $630.

“The Layered Surface,” with Anna Calluori Holcombe (August 9–13). Fee: $630.

“Zoomorphic Vessels,” with Katherine Maloney (August 16–20). Fee: $610.

“Painting on Clay with Your Body, Mind, and Soul,” with Sin-ying Ho and Phil Read (August 23–27). Fee: $635.

“The Whole Enchilada: A Beginner's Journey in Clay,” with Marilyn Katz, Gail Rutigliano, and Karen Stern (September 7–9). Fee: $390.

Contact Kulvinder Kaur Dhew, Sugar Maples Center for Creative Arts; dhewk@catskillmtn.org; www.catskillmtn.org/classes/categories/summer-2024-workshops/; 518-263-2001.

New York, Schuylerville

“Hands-on Soda Fire and Throwing Workshop,” with Matt Long (June 1–5). Fee: $530 members, $550 non-members.

Contact Leigh Taylor Mickelson, Saratoga Clay Arts Center; leigh@saratogaclayarts.org; www.saratogaclayarts.org; 518-581-2529.

North Carolina, Brasstown

“Surface Decoration with Underglazes,” with Nikki Mizak (May 26–June 1). Fee: $792.

“Transforming Surfaces with Underglazes,” with Jane Cartwright (June 2–8). Fee: $792.

“Capacity,” with David Stuempfle (June 23–30). Fee: $1078.

“Handbuilding with Porcelain,” with Keok (KB) Lim (July 4–7). Fee: $576.

“Mold Making for the Home Studio Potter,” with Jesus Minguez (July 7–13). Fee: $792.

“‘Exploring AMACO Glaze and Underglaze Surfaces,” with Bryce Paul (July 21–27). Fee: $792.

“The Art of Throwing and Raku Firing,” with Harry Hearne and Julie Hearne (August 4–10). Fee: $792.

“Vases and Jars with Tape Resist,” with Stephen Phillips (August 11–17). Fee: $792.

“Beginning to Intermediate Wheel Throwing,” with Brant Barnes and Karen Barnes (August 18–24). Fee: $792.

“Surface Design on Clay: Handmade Woodblock Stamps and More!,” with Audry Deal-McEver and Daniel Clay (August 25–30). Fee: $660.

“Southern Appalachian Historical Pottery,” with Brenda Hornsby Heindl (August 30–September 2). Fee: $576.

Contact John C. Campbell Folk School; marketing@folkschool.org; www.folkschool.org; 828-837-2775.

9 Chris Schmidt working on his dragon sculpture during Ariel Bowman’s 2023 Animals in Clay workshop.

North Carolina, Columbia

“Altered Forms: Working with Porcelain,” with Martha Grover (June 3–7). Fee: $785.

“Ornamented Guardian,” with George Rodriguez (June 10–14). Fee: $785.

“Sgraffito Stories,” with Sarah Anderson (June 17–21). Fee: $785.

“Perspective and Depth in Clay,” with Heesoo Lee (June 24–28). Fee: $785.

“Create a Story with Clay and Color,” with Julia Feld (July 8–12). Fee: $785.

“Coiled Up: Figurative Building Techniques,” with Kelsey Bowen (July 15–19). Fee: $785.

“Into the Weeds with Stencils,” with Sam Oliver (July 22–26). Fee: $785.

“Inside and Out,” with gwendolyn yoppolo (July 29–August 2). Fee: $785.

Contact Kerri Harding, Pocosin Arts; info@pocosinarts.org; https://pocosinarts.org; 252-796-2787.

North Carolina, Green Mountain

“Sculpting Emotive Animals,” with Katie Maloney (May 31–June 2). Fee: $520.

“The Complete Process,” with Liz Zlot Summerfield (June 15). Fee: $180.

“Supersized Pottery,” with Tori Motyl (June 22–23). Fee: $395.

“It Takes Two: Hand Built Functional Sets,” with Liz Zlot Summerfield (June 28–30). Fee: $535.

“Creatures in Clay: Exploring Pottery and Animal Artistry,” with Charlie Tefft (July 12–14). Fee: $515.

“MonuMental: Large Scale Self Portraiture,” with Jamie Bates (August 3–7). Fee: $820.

Printed Imagery on Clay,” with Susan Feagin (September 14). Fee: $170.

Contact Double Island Studiodoubleislandstudio@gmail.comwww.doubleislandstudio.com; 828 467-1138.

North Carolina, Mars Hill

“Josh Copus 2-week Woodfire Workshop,” with Josh Copus (May 27–June 8). Fee: $1200 class fee, Room fee $500 for 2 weeks. No meals available.

“Jen Allen Ceramic Workshop,” with Jen Allen (June 10–16). Fee: $650 class fee, $450 Room/meals fee.

“Rickie Barnett Ceramic Workshop,” with Rickie Barnett (June 17–23). Fee: $650 class fee, $450 Room/meals fee.

Contact Mars Hill Center for the Ceramic Arts at Mars Hill Universitydmickey@mhu.eduhttps://www.facebook.com/Marshillcenterforceramicarts; 828-467-1208.

North Carolina, Penland

“Creative Animal Sculpture,” with Tina Curry (May 26–31). Fee: $1184 + room and board.

“Handbuilding with Colored Clay,” with Linda Nguyen Lopez (June 2–14). Fee: $2094 + room and board.

“The Uncanny Surface,” with Matthew McConnell (June 2–14). Fee: $2094 + room and board.

“When Sculpture Talks Back,” with Arthur Gonzalez (June 16–28). Fee: $2094 + room and board.

“No Rules Mold Making,” with A. Blair Clemo (June 16–28). Fee: $2094 + room and board.

“Heads with Exquisite Surfaces,” with Lindsay Pichaske (June 30–July 12). Fee: $2094 + room and board.

“Screenprinting and Soda Firing,” with Alexander Thierry (June 30–July 12). Fee: $2094 + room and board.

“Simple and Complex: Color and Form,” with Eva Kwong (July 14–26). Fee: $2094 + room and board.

“Playing with Paperclay,” with Shiyuan Xu (July 14–26). Fee: $2094 + room and board.

“Thrown and Woodfired,” with Matt Jones (July 28–August 9). Fee: $2094 + room and board.

“Figuring Out,” with Kensuke Yamada (July 28–August 9). Fee: $2094 + room and board.

“Altered Forms,” with Neil Patterson (August 11–16). Fee: $1184 + room and board.

“Kurinuki,” with Elena Renker (August 11–16). Fee: $1184 + room and board.

Contact Penland School of Craft, Registration Office; info@penland.org; https://penland.org; 828-765-2359.

Ohio, Dayton

“Simon Levin Workshop,” with Simon Levin (June 21–23). Fee: TBA.

Contact Erin Lambers, Cornell Studio Supplycornellstudiosupply@gmail.comhttps://cornellstudiosupply.com; 937-454-0357.

Ohio, Kent

“Kent Blossom Art Intensives,” with Peter Christian Johnson, David Hicks, and Sue Tirrell (July 3–16). Fee: $1100 + $75 lab fee.

Contact Peter Christian Johnson, Kent State Universitypjohns35@kent.eduwww.kent.edu/kentblossomart; 330-672-2192.

Oregon, Corbett Back to top

“Symbolic Mark Making on Porcelain,” with Carolyn Hazel Drake (August 4–10). Fee: ranges from $1416–1467 depending on accommodations.

“Papercuts: Stenciling on Ceramic Surface,” with Adrienne Eliades (August 11–17). Fee: ranges from $1416–1467 depending on accommodations.

Contact Lori Nance, Creative Arts Community; info@creativeartscommunity.org; www.creativeartscommunity.org/workshops; 503-695-2243.

10 Summer 2023 Visiting Artist Workshop with James C. Watkins and Paul Andrew Wandless demonstrating how they use alternative firing methods and printmaking processes to address the surfaces of thrown and handbuilt clay work.

Oregon, Otis

“Sgraffito: The Art of Carving Clay,” with Liz O'Brien (May 30–31). Fee: $235.

“Traditional Kintsugi,” with Emi Joyce (June 29–30). Fee: $270.

“Handbuilding with Clay: Spirituality in Abstracted Nature,” with Ruri (July 12–15). Fee: $575.

“Summer is Served,” with Jennifer Hill (July 19–20). Fee: $245.

Contact Maria Elting, Sitka Center for Art and Ecology; mariaelting@sitkacenter.orgwww.sitkacenter.org/workshop/workshopslist; 541-994-5485.

Oregon, Willamina

“Wheel Week: Improvement Focus” with Joe Robinson (June 10–13). Fee: $495.

“June '24 ChickenCat Wood-Soda Firing,” with Joe Robinson (June 14–16; June 22). Fee: $40–90.

“Soda FIring Week: Gas Soda,” with Joe Robinson (June 24–30). Fee: $555.

“Wheel Week: Throwing Larger and Altering,” with Joe Robinson (July 8–14). Fee: $695.

“Throwing Large Masterclass: 7 Days,” with Joe Robinson (July 22–28). Fee: $950.

Contact Joe Robinson, East Creek Art; joe@eastcreekart.org; www.eastcreekart.org; 503-876-2929.

Pennsylvania, Farmington

“Try It - Ceramics Wheel Throwing,” with TBA (June 8). Fee: $140.

“Hand Meets Wheel,” with Wes Brown (June 10–14). Fee: $725.

“Playing with Stencils on Clay,” with Samantha Oliver (June 24–28). Fee: $725.

“A Conversation Between Form and Imagery,” with Kathy King (June 17–21). Fee: $725.

“Community Wood Firings,” with Meghan Burke and Daniel Tomcik (June 29–July 1). Fee: $500.

“Creamers, Pitchers, and Teapots, Oh My!,” with Dallas Wooten (July 8–12). Fee: $725.

“We Aren’t Making the Same Old Pots - TEEN WEEK,” with Melissa Weiss (July 14–19). Fee: $725.

“Clay Identity: Sculpting Busts,” with Nathan Murray (July 22–26). Fee: $725.

“Glazing with Intent,” with HP Bloomer (July 29–August 2). Fee: $725.

“Pinchy Pinchy,” with Emily Schroeder Willis (August 5–9). Fee: $725.

“Human Head & Surface Strategies,” with Tom Bartel (August 12–16). Fee: $725.

“Take a Seat: A Chair Building Workshop,” with Austin Coudriet (August 19–23). Fee: $725.

“Community Wood Firings,” with Meghan Burke and Daniel Tomcik (August 24–26). Fee: $500.

“Try It - Ceramics Handbuilding,” with TBA (August 25). Fee: $140.

“Pinched Cups: Handbuilding Functional Pottery,” with Marcè Nixon-Washington (August 31–September 1). Fee: $405.

“Exploring Musical Ceramics,” with Kimberly Bloise (September 7–9). Fee: $520.

Contact Touchstone Center for Crafts; info@touchstonecrafts.orgwww.touchstonecrafts.org/workshops;

Pennsylvania, Millheim

“Keep Practicing Workshop,” with Simon Leach (May 25–26; June 8–9; June 29–30; July 13–14; July 27–28; August 10–11; August 24–25). Fee: $375.

Contact Simon Leach, Simon Leach Pottery; simonleachpottery@gmail.com; www.simonleachpottery.com/index.html; 814-531-5602.

Tennessee, Gatlinburg Back to top

“Throwing with Intention,” with Richard Brown (May 26–31). Fee: $690.

“Hollow Building at Any Scale,” with Andrea Keys Connell (May 26–31). Fee: $690.

“Precious Porcelain Jewelry,” with Mindy Herrin-Lewis (May 26–31). Fee: $690.

“Expanding the Functional Surface to Tell Your Story,” with Heidi McKay Casto (June 2–7). Fee: $690.

“Clay Roots, Ceramic Sculpture,” with KC Weldon and Gary White (June 2–7). Fee: $690.

“Building to Draw, Drawing to Build,” with Malcolm Mobutu Smith (June 9–14). Fee: $690.

“Notions of Sway: Adding Wire and Suspension Elements to Ceramic Form,” with Leandra Urrutia (June 9–14). Fee: $690.

“Face It: Wall Mounted Heads and Figures,” with Benjie Heu (June 16–21). Fee: $690.

“Shadow Stack: Plants, Pots, and the Layered Surface,” with Lindsay Rogers (June 16–21). Fee: $690.

“Residue,” with Nicole Seisler (June 23–28). Fee: $690.

“Two Heads are Better Than One,” with Kourtney Stone (June 23–28). Fee: $775.

“My Life on Clay,” with Michelle Ettrick (June 30–July 12). Fee: $1210.

“Atmospheric Surfaces: Wood and Soda Firing,” with Seth Green (June 30–July 12). Fee: $1210.

“Consider the Teapot,” with Yoko Sekino-Bové (July 21–26). Fee: $690.

“Comics and Ceramics: A Way of Thought,” with Kevin Snipes (July 21–26). Fee: $690.

“Painting Narratives in Underglaze,” with Juan Barroso (July 28–August 2). Fee: $690.

“Hollow Build the Self-Referential Bust,” with Misty Gamble (July 28–August 2). Fee: $690.

“Life Like Portraits,” with Jonathan Christensen Caballero (August 4–9). Fee: $690.

“Handbuilt Pottery: From Flat to Form,” with Bill Griffith (August 4–9). Fee: $690.

“From Fabric to Clay,” with Sam Briegel (August 11–16). Fee: $690.

“Clay 3D Printing Analogues and Algorithms,” with Bryan Czibesz (August 11–16). Fee: $690.

Contact Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts; info@arrowmont.org; dsosower@arrowmont.org; www.arrowmont.org; 865-436-5860.

11 Summer 2023 Visiting Artist Workshop with James C. Watkins and Paul Andrew Wandless demonstrating how they use alternative firing methods and printmaking processes to address the surfaces of thrown and handbuilt clay work.

Tennessee, Sewanee

“Positively Porcelain,” with Bryan Hopkins (June 9–15). Fee: $1500.

“Put a Lid on It,” with David McDonald (June 16–22). Fee: $1500.

Contact Claire Reishman, Shakerag Workshops; info@shakerag.org; www.shakerag.org; 931-691-5264.

Utah, Park City

“Plates and Platters on the Wheel,” with Tom Caswell (June 22–23). Fee: $175 + $35 material fee.

“Handbuilding in Clay Session 4,” (May 15th, 22nd, 29th, June 5th). Fee: $165 + $32 material fee.

Contact Heather Stamenov, Kimball Art Center; education@kimballartcenter.org; https://kimballartcenter.org/art-classes; 435-649-8882.

Vermont, Brattleboro

“Big Pot Intensive,” with Stephen Procter (July 6–12). Fee: $1400.

Contact Stephen Procter, Stephen Procter Studios; steve@stephenprocter.com; www.stephenprocter.com; 802-490-4983.

Virginia, Roanoke

“Women Working with Clay Symposium,” with presenters Christa Assad, Aysha Peltz, Joanne Seongweon Lee, Lydia Thompson, Christina A. West, (June 10–13). Fee: $395.

Contact Christine Powell, Hollins University; cpowell@hollins.edu; www.hollins.edu/wwwc; 540-400-1747.

Washington, D.C.

“Earth & Fire: Woodfiring,” with Ken Matsuzaki and​Noah Hughey-Commers (May 28-31). Fee: $825.

Contact Connor Czora, District Clay Center; connor@districtclaycenter.com; www.districtclaycenter.com; 301-615-1434

Wisconsin, Dodgeville

“Salt Fire Workshop,” with Jarred Pfeiffer (May 19–24). Fee: $760.

“Raku, Barrel, Saggar, and Pit Firing,” with Jarred Pfeiffer (May 26–31). Fee: $760.

“The Crafted Pot: Cultivating Curiosity,” with Tara Wilson and Linda Christianson (June 7–11). Fee: $925.

“Making Expressive Pots with Texture, Volume and Fluidity,” with Andrew Linderman (July 14–19). Fee: $850.

“The Elements and Principles of Design in Clay,” with Nick Devries (July 21–26). Fee: $880.

“Portals to a Spiritual Realm: The Role of Art in Indigenous Cultures,” with Richard Wehrs (July 29–August 1). Fee: $445.

“Printing on Clay and More!,” with Rachelle Miller (August 4–9). Fee: $680.

“Electric Glazes: Atmospheric Results!,” with Andrew Linderman (August 11–16). Fee: $850.

“Pinching and Coiling,” with Laura Williams and (August 18–23). Fee: $680.

“Forming Ceramic Vessels and Sculptures with Undulating Surfaces,” with Carol Long (August 25–September 30). Fee: $880.

Contact Adamah Art Studio; tia@bethelhorizons.org; www.adamahartstudio.org; 608-574-6963.

Wisconsin, Herbster

“The Best Little Wood-Fire Workshop,” with Mike Weber (June 8–23). Fee: $690.

Contact Mike Weber, Mike Weber Clay; weberml@uwec.edu; http://weberwoodfire.com; 715-774-3707.

12 Summer 2023 Visiting Artist Workshop with James C. Watkins and Paul Andrew Wandless demonstrating how they use alternative firing methods and printmaking processes to address the surfaces of thrown and handbuilt clay work.

Africa, Ghana, Nungua Back to top

“Artist Residency in Ghana,” with indigenous Ghanaian artisans (July 10–23). Fee: $2400.

Contact Ellie Schimelman, Cross Cultural Collaborative Inc.; aba@culturalcollaborative.org; https://culturalcollaborative.org; 857-261-0474.

Canada, Alberta, Medicine Hat

“Slab Building Buildings,” with Carly Slade (July 15–19). Fee: $600 + GST, plus $325 + GST for lodging.

“Nerikomi Intensive,” with Eiko Maeda (July 22–26). Fee: $650 + GST, plus $325 + GST for lodging.

“Salt, Soda, and Surface Decoration,” with Lael Chmelyk (July 29–August 6). Fee: $1295 + GST, plus $495 + GST for lodging.

“Learning From the Land: Making Indigenous Vessels,” with KC Adams (August 9–13). Fee: $325 + GST.

Contact Kasia Sosnowski, Medalta International Artist in Residenceresidencies@medalta.orghttps://medalta.org/category/artists-in-residence/workshops; 403-905-0180.

England, Kent

“From the Ground Up - Coiling with Clay,” with Jane Sheppard (May 13–15). Fee: $768.

“Porcelain Assemblages – Hand Building with Porcelain and Found Objects,” with Elaine Sheppard Bolt (May 17 and May 24). Fee: $640.

“Hand Building with Porcelain,” with Justine Allison (May 20–21). Fee: $640.

“Advanced Throwing,” with Andrew Tremain (May 22–23). Fee: $640.

“Production Pottery,” with Robert Goldsmith (May 27–31). Fee: $1279.

“Throwing, Building, and Kiln-firing Techniques,” with Jo Davies (June 3–7). Fee: $1151.

“Throwing with Porcelain,” with Adam Frew (June 10–14). Fee: $1407.

“Decorating and Mark Making in Porcelain,” with Ali Tomlin (June 17–19). Fee: $959.

“Hand Building Houses,” with Alice Mara (June 20–21 and July 11–12). Fee: $1151.

“Throwing Bigger,” with Tanya Gomez (June 24–28). Fee: $1279.

“Throwing and Altering Porcelain Forms,” with Katharina Klug (July 1–5). Fee: $1407.

“Throwing, Faceting & Carving,” with Emily Myers (July 15–19). Fee: $1279.

“Earthenware Throwing and Slip Decoration,” with Richard Phethean (July 22–26). Fee: $1279.

Contact Samantha Coles, The Ceramic Studioinfo@theceramicstudio.co.ukwww.theceramicstudio.co.uk; +44 1892 725329

England, Somerset Back to top

“Throwing from the Ground Up,” with Douglas Phillips (June 12–August 20). Fee: $882.

Contact Douglas Phillips, Ridge Pottery; douglas@mud2fire.com; www.mud2fire.com; +44 1935 850753.

France, Saint-Raphaël

“Focus On Surface For Ceramic Figuration,” with Michelle Gregor (May 29–June 4). Fee: $1641.

“Master Potter - Throwing Intensive,” with Lauren Kearns (June 11–19). Fee: $1039.

“Dreams in Clay: Creating Personal Mythology in the South of France,” with Natasha Dikareva (September 3–9). Fee: $1771.

Contact Lauren Kearns, LaRex I’Atelier: International Residency Exchangeiare.kearns@gmail.comwww.internationalartistsresidencyexchange.com; 33 07 69 70 27 94.

Greece, Lakonia

“Feather and Hair Raku Workshop,” with Angelika Fritzsche (May 10–13). Fee: $208.

Contact Angelika Fritzsche, Keramika; angelikafritzsche@gmx.de; keramikon.weebly.com; 30 69 72 17 24 03.

13 Ian Mabry, instructor and former resident, assisting a workshop participant.

Italy, Florence, Certaldo

“Glaze Course,” with Eve Carrobourg (May 19–25). Fee: $3720.

“Form with Fire” with Stuart Gair (May 19–June 1). Fee: $2024.

“Experimental Clay,” with Adam Knoche (May 26–June 8). Fee: $3501.

“Cultivating Voice, Crafting Vocabulary,” with Steve Kelly (June 2–15). Fee: $3720.

“Wild Animals,” with James Ort (June 9–15). Fee: $547.

“Throwing Marathon,” with Frances Savage (June 16–22). Fee: $1882.

“Summer Throwing,” with Brian Dickenson (June 23–July 6). Fee: $3501.

“Glaze Course,” with Eve Carrobourg (June 30–July 6). Fee: $2024.

“White Gold to Wear,” with Luca Tripaldi (July 7–13). Fee: $2024.

“Precious Surface and Decors,” with Luca Tripaldi (July 14–20). Fee: $2188.

“Naked Raku” with Alistair Danhieux (July 21–August 3). Fee: $3392.

“Handmade Porcelain Flowers,” with Moeni Iglesias (July 21–27). Fee: $438.

“Electroforming and Porcelain,” with Luca Tripaldi (July 28–August 3). Fee: $2133.

“Throwing Marathon,” with Franco Rampi (August 4–10). Fee: $1882.

“Bizarre Surfaces,” with Luca Tripaldi (August 4–10). Fee: $2024.

“Stoneware and the Art of the Wheel,” with John Colbeck and Franco Rampi (August 11–24). Fee: $3501.

“Colored Porcelain Techniques,” with Sara Kirschen (August 11–17). Fee: $2024.

“Paperclay with Porcelain,” with Sara Kirschen (August 18–24). Fee: $2024.

“Porcelain and the Art of the Wheel,” with John Colbeck and Franco Rampi (August 25–September 7). Fee: $3501.

“Throwing Marathon,” with Meike Schröppe (August 25–31). Fee: $1882.

Contact Pietro Elia Maddalena, La Meridiana Ceramic Schoolinfo@lameridiana.fi.itwww.lameridiana.fi.it; +39 377-270-9500.

Indonesia, Bali, Ubud

“Finding your Voice: with Volumetric Image Transfer and Architectural Tile,” with Forrest Lesch-Middleton (May 12–25). Fee: $2200.

“Matters of Size: a Contemporary Korean Take on Technique, Scale, & Stature,” with Grace Han (July 16–29). Fee: $2200.

“Movement Creates Form,” with Sabine Classen (July 14–27). Fee: $2200.

“Intimate with Fire,” with Peter Callas (August 11–25). Fee: $2200.

“Full Bloom: Forms, Textures, & Glazes for Crystalline,” with Jose Mariscal (September 22–October 5). Fee: $2200.

Contact Eva Champagne, Gaya Ceramic Arts Centereva.gayaceramic@gmail.comwww.gayaceramic.com; 04065314649.

Norway, Steinsholt Back to top

“Kjærrahvalen Anagama Firing,” with Lilliann Ulverud and others (June 21–July 17). Fee: TBD.

Contact Lilliann Ulverud, Kjærrahvalen Anagama; kjaerrahvalen@gmail.com; facebook.com/events/1101719827820827.

Spain, Tarragona

“Throwing Big,” with Lluís Riera (June 14–16). Fee: $328.

“Throwing Big,” with Lluís Riera (July 19–21). Fee: $328.

“Throwing Big,” with Lluís Riera (August 23–25). Fee: $328.

Contact Lluís Riera, Riera Ceramics; rieraceramics@gmail.com; +34 630 511 9304.

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