Want to try a different firing type, learn some new glazing techniques, meet fellow ceramic artists, or just get away and immerse yourself in a week or two of all-day hands-on clay making? A summer workshop might be just the thing. Be sure to contact the workshop venue for the exact details and dates of each workshop. Fill out our online form to be included in the next listing.

1 Workshop participants with instructor Ben Owen III discussing work just unloaded from the Peters Valley anagama firing, August 2022. 

US Summer Workshops

International Summer Workshops

Alabama, Fairhope Back to top

“Glaze Formulation & Application,” with Maria Spies (July 15–16). Fee: $250.

Contact Adrienne Clow, The Eastern Shore Art Center; adrienne@esartcenter.org; https://esartcenter.org;

Arizona, Flagstaff

“Woodier Workshop,” with Jason Hess (July 10–23). Fee: Approx. $1500.

Contact Jason Hess, Northern Arizona University; Jason.Hess@nau.edu; https://nau.edu; 928-699-8984.

California, Idyllwild

“HOT CLAY Workshops,” week I–with Adrian Arleo, Richard Burkett, and Wesley Brown (June 11–17). Fee: $940.

“HOT CLAY Workshops,” Week II–with Hayne Bayless, Adrienne Eliades, and George Rodriguez (June 18–24). Fee: $940.

“HOT CLAY Workshops,” Week III–with Ruth Easterbrook and Melissa Weiss (June 25–July 1). Fee: $940.

Contact Adrienne Eliades, Idyllwild Arts Academy and Summer Program; hotclay@idyllwildarts.org; https://idyllwildarts.org/summer; 951-468-7265.

California, Murphys

“Totem Workshop,” with Amanda Maule (June 1–3). Fee: $300.

“Make and Burnish Pots for Barrel Firing,” with Tim Hanrahan (June 3–4). Fee: $25, one day.

“Barrel Firing Your Pottery,” with Tim Hanrahan (June 10–11). Fee: $100.

“Paper Clay Figure Sculpture,” with Michelle Collier (June 24–25). Fee: $225.

“Slab Box Workshop,” with Don Hall (July 15–16). Fee: $125.

Contact Pamela Quyle, Quylekilns; Quylekilns@gmail.com; http://quylekilns.com; 209-728-8128.

2 Students pose with Guest Faculty Paul Briggs in the kiln yard during their Pinch-forming—A Mindful Approach workshop at Anderson Ranch Arts Center.

California, Mendocino

“Thoughtful Wood Firing,” with Seth Charles (June 11–15). Fee: $725.

“Animal Portraiture with Wesley Wright,” with Wesley Wright (June 23–25). Fee: $495.

“Hand Building: Pinch Slab & Color,” with Ashley Kim (June 28–July 2). Fee: $825.

“Wood Fireworks,” with Seth Charles (July 4–11). Fee: $1155.

“Functional Sculptures with Kate Schroeder,” with Kate Schroeder (July 22–26). Fee: $825.

“Cone 6 Wood/Soda Firing,” with Seth Charles (July 29–August 3). Fee: $870.

“More is More: Overglaze Techniques on the Ceramic Surface,” with Melanie Sherman (August 5–9). Fee: $825.

“Narrative Clay Sculpture,” with Susannah Israel (JAugust 12–16). Fee: $825.

“Alternative Surfaces,” with Rocky Lewycky (August 21–27). Fee: $1155.

Contact Seth Charles, Mendocino Art Center; ceramics@mendocinoartcenter.org; www.mendocinoartcenter.org/ceramics; 707-937-5818.

Colorado, Snowmass Village

“Making It Personal: Pots and Objects,” with Chris Staley (June 5–16). Fee: $1400.

“Color Curves: Volume and Surface Exploration,” with Justin Donofrio and Brooke Cashion (June 5–16). Fee: $1600.

“Building With Clay and Steel,” with Trey Hill (June 19–30). Fee: $1600.

“Making and Using Terra Sigillata with Handbuilt Earthenware,” with Rhonda Willers (June 19–23). Fee: $1150.

“Summer Facilitated Studio Practice: Handbuilding 1,” with Joanne Seongweon Lee (June 26–30). Fee: $925.

“Atmospheric Firing: Form and Surface,” with Seth Green (June 26–July 7). Fee: $1400.

“Wheel Throwing for Teens,” with Anne Goldberg (June 26–30). Fee: $625.

“Summer Facilitated Studio Practice: Handbuilding 2,” with Joanne Seongweon Lee (July 3–7). Fee: $925.

“Wheel Throwing for Teens,” with Anne Goldberg (July 3–7). Fee: $625.

“Collaboration: Cultivation,” with Suze Lindsay (July 17–21). Fee: $1150.

“Collaboration: Cultivation,” withmargaret Bohls (July 17–21). Fee: $1150.

“Korean Onggi: Coil, Paddle, Form, Ferment,” with Adam Field (July 24–August 4). Fee: $1400.

“Patterned Moments: Making Sculptural Vessels,” with Yoonjee Kwak (July 24–August 4). Fee: $1400.

“Recorded Body,” with Jinsik Yoo (July 31–August 4). Fee: $1150.

“Master Class: Surface Treatment: Color and Glaze,” with Liz Larner (August 7–11). Fee: $1500.

“Tile Mania,” with Jackie Head (August 7–18). Fee: $1400.

“Any Way You Slice It: Introduction to 3D Clay Printing and Digital Tools,” with Jolie Ngo (August 7–18). Fee: $1400.

“The Center: The Mold and Matrix: Ceramic Process and Narrative Form,” with Ebitenyefa Baralaye and Del Harrow (August 14–25). Fee: $2250.

“Breaking the Rules to Fit Your Ideas,” with Brad Miller (August 21–September 1). Fee: $1400.

“Content Craft Courage,” with Ralph Scala, JJ Peet (August 28–September 9). Fee: $1600.

“Ceramic Furniture and Design,” with Kelsie Rudolph (September 4–15). Fee: $1400.

“Design Decisions,” with Ellen Shankin (September 11–22). Fee: $1400.

Contact Louise Deroualle, Anderson Ranch Arts Center; info@andersonranch.org; www.andersonranch.org; 970-923-3181.

3 Stuart Gair’s Understanding Soda Firing workshop participants look over their finished work in the kiln yard at Anderson Ranch Arts Center.

Connecticut, South Kent

“Paula Shalan - Clay, Smoke, and Fire,” with Paula Shalan (May 20–21). Fee: $220.

“Paul S. Briggs - It’s All in the Pinch,” with Paul S. Briggs (June 16–19). Fee: $440.

“Linda Christianson - What If? Thoughtful Pots,” with Linda Christianson (July 8–11). Fee: $440.

“Twoheaded Diver - Storytime in Clay,” with Ricky Barnett and Lynn Hobaica (August 4–7). Fee: $440.

“Jamie Guggina - Decorating with Slip,” with Jamie Guggina (August 25–26). Fee: $220.

Contact Alison Palmer, The Alison Palmer Studio; spoonrest@icloud.com; www.alisonpalmerstudio.com; 860-927-4680.

Connecticut, Woodbridge

“New England Wood Firing Conference & Tour,” with Silene DeCiucies, Ben Eberle, Chris Gustin, Jody Johnstone, Alison Palmer, Mike Roche, Tim Skull, Don Williams, Trevor Youngberg (June 21–July 1). Fee: $325.

Contact Trevor Youngberg, New England Wood Firing Conference & Tour; NewEnglandWFC@gmail.com; www.newenglandwfc.com; 203-641-0211.

Georgia, Duluth Back to top

“Raku Processes: From Start to Finish,” with Terry Howe (June 11–July 9). Fee: $200.

“I Like Big Bowls And I Can Not Lie,” with Betty Dodd (July 23). Fee: $100.

“Carving with Precision,” with Bill Cloutier (August 5). Fee: $100.

“Getting To Know Glaze Chemistry,” with Ryan Rakhshan (August 26–September 3). Fee: $400.

“Creating Layers with Stamps, Stencils, and Slips,” with Taylor Sijan (September 15–17). Fee: $200.

Contact RJ Sturgess, The Hudgens Center For Art; RSturgess@thehudgens.org; www.TheHudgens.org; 518-858-2449.

4 Pocosin Arts student explores creating imagery on clay at a Bede Clarke workshop.5 Candice Methe demonstrates handbuilding techniques at Pocosin Arts.

Iowa, Decorah

“South Bear School Pottery Workshop,” with Lane Schwarz and more (July 14–29). Fee: $250. See website for additional details.

Contact Marguerite Schwarz, South Bear School; marguerite@southbearschool.org; https://southbearschool.org; 563-223-8899.

Maine, Deer Isle Back to top

“Anatomy & Architecture: Constructing the Figure,” with Teresa Larrabee (June 11–23). Fee: $1370 tuition, plus room and board, shop fees.

“Daily Rituals and Useful Treasures,” with Yoko Sekino-Bové (June 26–July 7). Fee: $1370 tuition, plus room and board, shop fees.

“Material—Human—Machine: Experimental Possibilities in Clay 3D Printing,” with Timea Tihanyi (July 16–28). Fee: $1370 tuition, plus room and board, shop fees.

“Thinking through Making: Utilitarian Pots,” with Alleghany Meadows (July 30–August 11). Fee: $1370 tuition, plus room and board, shop fees.

“Masibumbe (Soul Shaping into Clay),” with Madoda Fani (August 13–25). Fee: $1370 tuition, plus room and board, shop fees.

“Integrated Form, Color, and Texture,” with Justin Donofrio (August 27–September 2). Fee: $730 tuition, plus room and board, shop fees.

Contact Sarah Tietje-Mietz, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts; haystack@haystack-mtn.orgwww.haystack-mtn.org; 207-348-2306.

6 Ceramic artist Ellen Shankin gives an artist talk and demonstration at the Grand Marais Art Colony in 2019. 7 James Watkins’ aluminum-foil saggar-fire workshop at Blackberry Hill Art Center.

Maine, Edgecomb

“Salt and Soda Firing Workshop,” with Stuart Gair (August 7–13). Fee: $770 plus room and board ranging from $340 to $880.

“Chin Up: Figurative Sculpture Workshop,” with Kyungmin Park (August 16–18). Fee: $390 plus room and board ranging from $120 to $390.

Contact Claire Brassil, Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts; info@watershedceramics.orgwatershedceramics.org; 207-882-6075.

Massachusetts, Allston

“Paul Andrew Wandless and James C. Watkins Visiting Artist Workshop,” (June 17–18).

See website for details.

Contact Darrah Bowden, Ceramics Program, Office for the Arts at Harvard University; ceramics@fas.harvard.edu; https://ofa.fas.harvard.edu/ceramics; 617-495-8680.

Massachusetts, Somerville

“Visiting Artists Workshop,” with Tomoo Hamada and Simon Leach (June 15). Fee: $125/Mudflat members $75.

Contact Lynn Gervens, Mudflat Pottery School Inc; lynn@mudflat.org; www.mudflat.org; 617-628-0589.

8 Sugar Maples Center For Creative Arts ceramics studio.

Massachusetts, Truro

“Designing for Form and Surface,” with Maureen Mills (June 20–23). Fee: $545.

“Clay as Canvas,” with Shanna Fliegel (June 20–23). Fee: $545.

“Finding Your Form,” with William Baker (June 26–30). Fee: $545.

“Strategies for Improving Your Pots,” with Ben Krupka (July 4–7). Fee: $545.

“Double Wall Handbuilding,” with Susan Bernstein (July 4–7). Fee: $545.

“Wheel Throwing for All,” with Brian Taylor (July 10–14). Fee: $545.

“Handbuilding Animals,” with Hannah Niswonger (July 10–14). Fee: $545.

“Beasts and Bowls,” with Steve Murphy (July 17–21). Fee: $545.

“Designing the Surface,” with Alice Drew (July 17–21). Fee: $545.

“Pushing Beyond the Familiar,” with Chris Archer (July 24–28). Fee: $545.

“Go Figure,” with Kensuke Yamada (July 31–August 3). Fee: $545.

“Sign and Colour: High Temp Engobes in a Painterly Way,” with Karima Duchamp (July 31–August 3). Fee: $545.

“Color, Pattern, Fire,” with Nikki Lewis (August 7–11). Fee: $545.

“Color, Pattern, Fire,” with Nikki Lewis (August 7–11). Fee: $545.

“Out of Round,” with Corrinn Jusell (August 7–11). Fee: $545.

“What Do You Want to Make?,” with Mark Shapiro (August 14–17). Fee: $545.

“Saggar Firing,” with Judith Motzkin (August 14–17). Fee: $545.

“Handbuilding Sculptural Vessels,” with Katie Bosley Sabin (August 21–25). Fee: $545.

“Use Me–Making Pottery on the Wheel for Everyday Use,” with Paul Wisotzky (August 21–25). Fee: $545.

“Use Me–Making Pottery on the Wheel for Everyday Use,” with Natalia Arbelaez (August 28–September 1). Fee: $545.

“Making a Mug on the Wheel,” with Isabel Souza (September 5–8). Fee: $545.

“Raku and Alternative Firing Workshop,” with Lois Hirshberg (September 5–8). Fee: $545.

“Throwing By The Gallon,” with Guy Wolff (September 16–17). Fee: $400.

Contact Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill; info@castlehill.org; cherie@castlehill.org; www.castlehill.org; 508-349-7511.

9 Kirsten Stingle Sculptural Sirens workshop at the IaRex l’Atelier International Artists Residency Exchange (from left to right): Carolyn Jordan, Kirsten Stingle, Dyane Janney, Gail Tabor, Kyle Reynolds.

Michigan, Kalamazoo

“2022 Summer Intensive Workshop,” with Stuart Gair and Raven Halfmoon (May 15–26). Fee: Full 2-week workshop: $650, 1 Day pass: $55, 2-Day $110.

Contact Kyle Triplett, Morean Center for Clay at Western Michigan University; kyle.triplett@wmich.edu; https://wmich.edu/morean; 573-271-6051.

Minnesota, Grand Marais

“Exploring Lidded Vessels,” with Ben Fiess (June 21–24). Fee: $500.

“Form and Surface: Functional Canvases and Water Etching,” with Dallas Wooten (July 11–15). Fee: $725.

“Modular Forms: Building in Sections,” with Erin Paradis (August 28–September 1). Fee: $632.

Contact Ruth Pszwaro, Grand Marais Art Colony; info@grandmaraisartcolony.org; grandmaraisartcolony.org; 218-387-2737.

10 Lisette Cheng , Lauren Kearns’ private student for two weeks, at the IaRex l’Atelier International Artists Residency Exchange.

Mississippi, Natchez

“Mugs and Handles,” with Conner Burns (June 3–4). Fee: $260.

“Mixing Glazes,” with Conner Burns (July 15). Fee: $150.

“Spraying Glazes,” with Conner Burns (July 16). Fee: $150.

“Goblets and Elevated Vessels,” with Conner Burns (August 26–27). Fee: $260.

Contact Conner Burns, Conner Burns Studio; studioburns@aol.com; www.connerburns.com; 601-446-6334.

New Hampshire, Orford

“Animals in Clay,” with Ariel Bowman (June 26–30). Fee: $750.

“Mono-Printing on Clay,” with Lakyn Bowman (July 7–9). Fee: $550.

“Sculpting the Human in Clay,” with Curt LaCross (July 24–28). Fee: $750.

“Narrative Surfaces,” with CJ Niehaus (August 4–6). Fee: $550.

Contact Dianne Burger, Blackberry Hill Art Center; dianne@blackberryhillartcenter.com; www.BlackberryHillArtCenter.com; 603-353-4312.

New Jersey, Layton

“Introduction to Kintsugi,” with Makomako (June 3–4). Fee: $375.

“Creating Ceramic Lattices,” with Eliza Au (June 9–13). Fee: $815.

“InFluency: Vessel Making from Historical Prompts,” with Malcolm Mobutu Smith (June 16–20). Fee: $800.

“Firing the Noborigama,” with Kim Ellington (June 23–27). Fee: $835.

“Introduction to Inlay,” with Andrea Denniston (July 7–11). Fee: $800.

“Exploring Salt Firing,” with Cathi jefferson (July 14–18). Fee: $815.

“Creating Zoological Vessels,” with Katherine Maloney (July 21–25). Fee: $815.

“Throwing Large Vessels,” with David Stuempfle (July 28–August 1). Fee: $885.

“Pottery Form & Surface,” with Ruth Easterbrook (August 4–8). Fee: $800.

“Making Work for the Anagama,” with Randy J. Johnston (August 11–15). Fee: $885.

“Firing the Peters Valley Anagama,” with David Stuempfle (August 17–23). Fee: $1045.

Contact Jennifer Apgar, Peters Valley School of Craft; info@petersvalley.org; www.petersvalley.org;

New Mexico, Albuquerque

“James Watkins Workshop at Ghost Ranch Education & Retreat Center,” with James Watkins (in Abiquiu, New Mexico) (August 18–20). Fee: $250 NMPCA members/$275 non-members.

Contact New Mexico Potters & Clay Artists; workshop@nmpotters.org; www.nmpotters.org; 505-400-5758.

11 Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill presenter Natalia Arbelaez’ Mestizo Mami, 12 in. (30 cm) in height, red clay, majolica, 2022. Photo: Chris Stone. 12 Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill presenter Kensuke Yamada’s NAH-NAH-NAH, 38½ in. (97 cm) in height, ceramics, 2022.

New York, Brooklyn

“Tableware with Flair!: Making Pinched Forms with Inlay Designs,” (July 10–23). Fee: $675.

“Thinking Outside the Circle: Altering Wheelthrown Pottery,” (July 24–August 6). Fee: $675.

“Thinking Like a Production Potter: Making Sets on the Wheel,” (August 7–20). Fee: $675.

“Slab to Table: Slab Building Tableware with Decorative Surfaces,” (August 14–27). Fee: $675.

“Think BIG!: Scaling Up on the Wheel,” (August 21–September 3). Fee: $675.

Contact Janine Sopp, Clay Space; info@clayspacebk.com; www.clayspacebk.com; 917-541-6062.

New York, Maplecrest

“Ceramic Science for the Artist Plus!,” with Dr. William M. Carty (June 16–20). Fee: $500.

“Evocative Animal Heads in Clay,” with Russell Wrankle (June 23–27). Fee: $500.

“Sweet and Salty; Cone 6 Salt Firing,” with Sara Patterson (June 23–27). Fee: $500.

“The Whole Enchilada: A Beginner’s Journey in Clay,” with Marilyn Katz, Gail Rutigliano, and Karen Stern (June 30–July 2). Fee: $300.

“Lush and Layered Surface: Decoration Techniques for Greenware,” with Taylor Sijan (July 7–11). Fee: $500.

“Surfacing,” with Michael Kline (July 14–18). Fee: $500.

“Building the Rocket Kiln: Low Emission Wood Firing,” with Lisa Orr (July 21–25). Fee: $500.

“Geologically Biologic,” with Coleton Lunt (July 22–25). Fee: $400.

“Clay as Canvas,” with Mallory Wetherell (July 28–August 1). Fee: $500.

“Storytelling in Sculpture,” with Hirotsune Tashima (July 28–August 1). Fee: $500.

“Surface Design for Pottery,” with Chandra DeBuse (August 4–8). Fee: $500.

“By Design: Prototyping, Mold Making, and Slip Casting,” with Hiroe Hanazono (August 11–15). Fee: $500.

“Crystalline Glazes and Voluptuous Bottles,” with Jon Puzzuoli (August 12–15). Fee: $400.

“Fun with Vessels that Pour,” with Susan Beecher (August 18–20). Fee: $400.

“The Real Big Burn: General Mayhem,” with Steve Cook and Bruce Dehnert (August 25–29). Fee: $500.

“The Real Big Burn: General Mayhem-Session 2,” with Steve Cook and Bruce Dehnert (September 1–5). Fee: $500.

“Five Days with Adjectives,” with John Gill (September 8–12). Fee: $600.

Contact Kulvinder Kaur Dhew, Sugar Maples Center for Creative Arts; dhewk@catskillmtn.org; www.catskillmtn.org/our-programs/arts-education/sugar-maples/index.html; 518-263-2001.

New York, Schuylerville

“SALT MAGIC: A Salt Firing Workshop with Ted Camp,” (June 24–29). Fee: $530 members, $550 non-members.

Contact Leigh Taylor Mickelson, Saratoga Clay Arts Center; leigh@saratogaclayarts.org; www.saratogaclayarts.org; 518-581-2529.

North Carolina, Brasstown

“Boxes, Boxes, Boxes,” with Susan Bach (May 14–May 20). Fee: $693.

“Functional Pots,” with Rebecca Floyd (May 21–26). Fee: $620.

“Throwing and Decorating Porcelain,” with Doug Dacey (May 28–June 3). Fee: $693.

“Serve with Finesse,” with Lynnette Hesser and Steve Loucks (June 4–11). Fee: $1009.

“Sgraffito for the Narrative Surface,” with Kathryn King (June 25–July 1). Fee: $693.

“‘Figure’ It Out,” with Judy Robkin (July 2–7). Fee: $660.

“Beginning to Intermediate Wheel Throwing,” with Brant Barnes and Karen Barnes (July 9–15). Fee: $792.

“Traditions in Clay,” with John E. Dodson (July 30–August 5). Fee: $792.

Contact John C. Campbell Folk School; marketing@folkschool.org; www.folkschool.org; 828-837-2775.

13 Adam Field (left) and Bryan Hopkins (right) demonstrating for their joint workshop at The Hudgens Center for Art and Learning, 2017. 14 Adam Field and workshop participants at The Hudgens Center for Art and Learning, 2017.

North Carolina, Columbia

“Making Animals with Soft Slabs,” with Rebekah Bogard (June 5–9). Fee: $775.

“Finding Emotion and Texture in Animal Forms,” with Darla Jackson (June 12–16). Fee: $775.

“Mono-Printing on Clay: Slip Transfers,” with Lakyn Bowman (June 19–23). Fee: $775.

“Reinventing the Wheel,” with A. Blair Clemo (June 26–30). Fee: $775.

“Tile-Making: Prototypes for Multiples,” with Anat Shiftan (July 10–14). Fee: $775.

“Exploring Native Materials,” with Nathan Willever (July 24–28). Fee: $775.

Contact Kerri Harding, Pocosin Arts; info@pocosinarts.org; https://pocosinarts.org; 252-796-2787.

North Carolina, Penland

“Throwing with Intention,” with Rich Brown (May 28–June 2). Fee: $1049.

“Handbuilt Pottery: From Flat to Form,” with Bill Griffith (May 28–June 2). Fee: $1049.

“Wheel to Table,” with Guillermo Cuellar (June 4–16). Fee: $1049.

“Oh! You Pretty Things,” with Pattie Chalmers (June 4–16). Fee: $1855.

“Earthenware: Layer by Layer,” with Kip O’Krongly (June 18–30). Fee: $1855.

“Prototype Development and Mold Making,” with Hiroe Hanazono (June 18–30). Fee: $1855.

“Build Big: Essential Methods ,” with Cristina Córdova (July 2–14). Fee: $1855.

“Stories Around the Table,” with Sue Tirrell (July 16–28). Fee: $1855.

“Pinching Pushed,” with Paul S. Briggs (July 16–28). Fee: $1855.

“Modest to Monumental,” with Natalia Arbelaez (July 30–August 11). Fee: $1855.

“Playful Plaster Molds,” with Brooks Oliver (July 30–August 11). Fee: $1855.

“On Pots and Food,” with Lindsay Rogers (August 13–18). Fee: $1049.

“Slow Clay for Fast Times,” with William Baker and Caroline Douglas (August 13–18). Fee: $1049.

Contact Penland School of Craft, Registration Office; info@penland.org; https://penland.org; 828-765-2359.

Oregon, Corbett Back to top

“Clay Vessels Inspired by Forms in Nature,” with Jennifer Hill (August 6–12). Fee: ranges from $1045–1630 depending on accommodations.

Contact Kristin Solomon, Creative Arts Community; info@creativeartscommunity.org; www.creativearts
community.org; 503-695-2243.

Oregon, Otis

“Recycled Paper Clay and Nature,” with Carole Murphy (July 5–6). Fee: $200.

“Handbuilding with Clay: Spirituality in Abstracted Nature,” with Ruri (July 14–17). Fee: $500.

“Hand Build a Serving Bowl,” with Liz O’Brien (August 18). Fee: $195.

“Building with Textures Gleaned from Nature,” with Jennifer Hill (September 7–6). Fee: $215.

Contact Maria Elting, Sitka Center for Art and Ecology; mariaelting@sitkacenter.orgwww.sitkacenter.org/workshop/workshopslist; 541-994-5485.

Oregon, Willamina

“Beginning Raku” with Joe Robinson (June 24–25). Fee: $295.

“Carving Hand-built and Thrown Forms with Aubrey: 2 Days,” with Aubrey Sloan (August 5–6). Fee: $295.

“Throwing BIG Masterclass,” with Joe Robinson (August 12–18). Fee: $950.

Contact Joe Robinson, East Creek Art; joe@eastcreekart.org; www.eastcreekart.org; 503-876-2929.

Ohio, Dayton

“Hands on Carving Workshop,” with Julie Woodrow (June 23–25). Fee: $165.

Contact Erin Lambers, Cornell Studio Supply; cornellstudiosupply@gmail.com; https://cornellstudiosupply.com; 937-454-0357.

15 Stoking the small wood kiln while at a summer workshop at Penland School of Craft. Photo: Robin Dreyer. 16 Penland student Celia Felberg in the Penland School of Craft clay studio. Photo: Robin Dreyer.

Ohio, Westerville

“Otterbein Summer Ceramic Institute,” with Jim Bowling, Juliellen Byrne, Janis Mars Wunderlich (July 31–August 11). Fee: varies depending on enrollment level. See website for additional information.

Contact Jim Bowling, Otterbein University, Art & Art History Department; jbowling@otterbein.edu; https://jubowling.com; http://otterbein.catalog.acalog.com/index.php; 614-823-1268.

Pennsylvania, Farmington

“Community Wood Firings,” with Meghan Burke and Daniel Tomcik (May 19–21). Fee: $320 member, $350 non-member.

“Composite Forms and Electric Surface,” with Sam Momeyer (June 12–16). Fee: $665 member, $695 non-member.

“Critters in Clay,” with Lynne Hobaica (June 19–23). Fee: $665 member, $695 non-member.

“Connections in Clay and Movement,” with Julie Wiggins (June 26–30). Fee: $665 member, $695 non-member.

“Form and Surface: Finding a Voice in Clay,” with Mike Stumbras (July 10–14). Fee: $665 member, $695 non-member.

“Teen Week: Object, Identity, and Alternative Firing,” with Sharif Bey (July 16–21). Fee: $710.

“Pots and Other Objects,” with Melissa Weiss (July 24–28). Fee: $665 member, $695 non-member.

“Thrown and Altered Pouring Vessels,” with Taylor Sijan (July 31–August 4). Fee: $665 member, $695 non-member.

“The Portrait in Clay,” with Jamie Bates Slone (August 7–11). Fee: $665 member, $695 non-member.

“Hold Fast!” with Birdie Boone (August 14–18). Fee: $665 member, $695 non-member.

“Turn Up the Volume: Altering Slabs and Hollow Forms,” with Benjamin Lambert (August 26–28). Fee: $470 member, $500 non-member.

“Community Wood Firings,” with Meghan Burke and Daniel Tomcik (August 26–28). Fee: $320 member, $350 non-member.

Contact Touchstone Center for Crafts; info@touchstonecrafts.orgwww.touchstonecrafts.org/workshops;

Pennsylvania, Millheim

“Keep Practicing Workshop,” with Simon Leach (May 20–21; June 24–25; July 22–23; August 19–20). Fee: $365.

Contact Simon Leach, Simon Leach Pottery; simonleachpottery@gmail.com; www.simonleachpottery.com/index.html; 814-349-5805.

Tennessee, Gatlinburg Back to top

“All Things Pottery,” with Sam Lopez (May 28–June 2). Fee: $690.

“Introduction to Basic Mold Making,” with Paul Wandless (May 28–June 2). Fee: $690.

“An Alternative Practice in Clay,” with Raheleh Filsoofi (June 4–9). Fee: $690.

“Go Figure,” with Kensuke Yamada (June 4–9). Fee: $690.

“Developing Personal Sculptural Form Inspired by Place,” with Rebecca Hutchinson (June 11–17). Fee: $690.

“Ceramic Tea Wares for Japanese and Chinese Tea Ceremonies,” with Shoji Satake (June 18–23). Fee: $690.

“Direct Hollow Core Figurative Clay Sculpture,” with Bobby Scroggins (June 18–23). Fee: $690.

“Slip/Soda/Surface,” with Kyle Carpenter (June 25–July 7). Fee: $1210.

“Self Expressionism Through Clay,” with Kyungmin Park and Taylor Robenalt (June 25–July 7). Fee: $1210.

“Print on Clay,” with Thomas Lucas and David Trost (July 16–21). Fee: $690.

“Ceramics and Clay Any Which Way,” with Amy Santoferraro (July 23–28). Fee: $690.

“Residue,” with Nicole Seisler (July 23–28). Fee: $690.

Contact Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts; info@arrowmont.org; dsosower@arrowmont.org; www.arrowmont.org; 865-436-5860.

17 Show-and-tell at the end of a Penland School of Craft summer session. Photo: Robin Dreyer.

Tennessee, Sewanee

“Clay: Creating Space,” with MaPó Kinnord (June 11–17). Fee: $1400.

“From Beginning to End: Cone 2 Soda Firing,” with Tom Jaszczak (June 18–24). Fee: $1400.

Contact Claire Reishman, Shakerag Workshops; info@shakerag.org; www.shakerag.org; 931-691-5264.

Utah, Park City

“Designing Dinnerware,” with Clark Marshall (July 8–9). Fee: $195 + $45 material fee.

“Playful Practice in Clay Workshop,” with Rachel O’Meara (August 12). Fee: $80 + $25 material fee.

Contact Heather Stamenov, Kimball Art Center; education@kimballartcenter.org; https://kimballartcenter.org/art-classes; 435-649-8882.

Vermont, Brattleboro

“No Limits: Sectional Throwing to Scale Up,” with Stephen Procter (June 24–25). Fee: $450.

“Big Pot Intensive,” with Stephen Procter (Julye 23–29). Fee: $950.

Contact Stephen Procter, Stephen Procter Studios; steve@stephenprocter.com; www.stephenprocter.com; 802-490-4983.

Virginia, Roanoke

“Women Working with Clay Symposium,” with presenters Louise Deroualle, Sanam Emami, Ursula Hargens, Sana Musasama, Adero Willard (June 12–14). Fee: $395.

Contact Christine Powell, Hollins University; cpowell@hollins.edu; www.hollins.edu/wwwc; 540-400-1747.

18 Instructor Courtney Martin unloading the small Penland School of Craft wood kiln. Photo: Robin Dreyer.

Virginia, Waynesboro

“Extruded Forms: Full Day Workshop,” with Steve Palmer (May 21). Fee: $140.

“Pots Illustrated: Surface Design and Techniques,” with Steve Palmer (June 25). Fee: $140.

“Square Pitchers: Handbuilding and Surface Design Skills,” with Steve Palmer (July 23). Fee: $140.

Contact Jake Johnson, Make Waynesboro Clay Studio; makewaynesboro@gmail.com; www.makewaynesboro.com; 540-445-1072.

Wisconsin, Dodgeville

“Fifty Years of Hand Building in Four Days” with Pat Robison (June 2–5). Fee: $650.

“Raku & Pit Firing,” with Michael Schael (June 14–17). Fee: $650.

“Place Based Inspiration for Utilitarian Pots,” with Dean Leeper (June 25–30). Fee: $850.

“Throwing Sectional Forms–Emphasis on Technique and Design,” with Steven Hill (July 9–14). Fee: $1100.

“Atmospheric-Like Effects for Cone 6-8 Electric Firing,” with Steven Hill (July 16–21). Fee: $1100.

“Beginning Throwing,” with Dean Leeper (July 29–30). Fee: $325.

“Fluid Movement” with Brett Roberts (July 30–August 3). Fee: $550.

“Beginning Glazing Workshop,” with Dean Leeper (August 5–6). Fee: $325.

“The Elements and Principles of Design in Clay,” with Nick Devries (August 7–11). Fee: $850.

“Make n’ Bake,” with Tara Wilson and Linda Christianson (August 13–25). Fee: $1800.

“Pinching with the Ancients,” with Michael Imes (August 27–September 1). Fee: $850.

Contact Jennifer Mally, Adamah Art Studio; jennifer@bethelhorizons.org; www.adamahartstudio.org; 608-574-8100.

Wisconsin, Herbster

“The Best Little Wood-Fire Workshop,” with Mike Weber (June 10–25). Fee: $690.

Contact Mike Weber, Mike Weber Clay; weberml@uwec.edu; http://weberwoodfire.com; 715-774-3707.

Africa, Ghana, Nungua Back to top

“Artist Residency in Ghana,” with indigenous Ghanaian artisans (July 10–23). Fee: $2400.

Contact Ellie Schimelman, Cross Cultural Collaborative Inc.; aba@culturalcollaborative.org; https://culturalcollaborative.org; 857-261-0474.

Canada, Alberta, Medicine Hat

“Emergent Technologies in Ceramics,” with Bryan Cera (July 4–13). Fee: $1295 + GST.

“Surface Design Intensive,” with Dawn Candy (July 17–21). Fee: $695 + GST.

“Model and Mould Making,” with Angelo di Petta (July 31–August 6). Fee: $850 + GST.

“Ceramics, Not Clay,” with Corwyn Lund (July 24–28). Fee: $695 + GST. Accommodation separate.

Contact Amy Duval, Medalta International Artist in Residence; amy@medalta.org; https://medalta.org/category/artists-in-residence/workshops; 403-905-0180.

19 Instructor Ebitenyefa Baralaye, pictured here, led the 2022 “Big Impressions: Free-Form Press-Molds” workshop, which focused on creating large-scale sculptural ceramic forms at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. 20 A student uses a hand tool to work on an in-process ceramic vessel at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. Photo: Dan Rajter.

England, Somerset Back to top

“Throwing from the Ground Up,” with Douglas Phillips (June 12–August 20). Fee: $882.

Contact Douglas Phillips, Ridge Pottery; douglas@mud2fire.com; www.mud2fire.com; +44 1935 850753.

France, Saint-Raphaël

“Alberto Bustos: Filaments and Textures,” with Alberto Bustos (May 5–7). Fee: $392.

“Jennifer Allen: From Slab to Fab,” with Jennifer Allen (May 8–17). Fee: $2213.

“Michelle Gregor–An Improvisational Approach through Form and Surface,” with Michelle Gregor (May 29–June 1). Fee: $1621.

“Lauren Kearns -Throwing Intensive,” with Lauren Kearns (June 6–12). Fee: $915.

“Amanda Salov–Sea and Sky: Pigment and Clay on the Côte d’Azur,” with Amanda Salov (June 20–30). Fee: $2289.

Contact Lauren Kearns, LaRex I’Atelier: International Residency Exchange; iare.kearns@gmail.com; www.internationalartistsresidencyexchange.com; 33 07 69 70 27 94.

Italy, Florence, Certaldo

“Sign and Colour” with Karima Duchamp (July 16–22). Fee: $1669.

“Stoneware and the Art of the Wheel,” with John Colbeck (August 6–19). Fee: $2799.

“Paperclay with Porcelain,” with Sara Kirschen (August 20–26). Fee: $1669.

“Porcelain and the Art of the Wheel,” with John Colbeck (August 20–September 2). Fee: $2799.

“Inspirations from the Renaissance and Beyond,” with Lisa Reinertson (September 3–16). Fee: $3230.

Contact Pietro Elia Maddalena, La Meridiana Ceramic School; info@lameridiana.fi.it; www.lameridiana.fi.it; 377-270-9500.

Indonesia, Bali, Ubud

“Fluid Forms—Gestural Wheel-thrown Ceramics,” with Josh DeWeese (June 18–July 1). Fee: $2200.

“The Poetic Picture: Clay as Canvas,” with Shanna Fliegel (July 16–29). Fee: $2200.

“It Takes a Village to Raise a Child,” with Fleur Schell (August 13–26). Fee: $2200.

Contact Eva Champagne, Gaya Ceramic Arts Center; eva.gayaceramic@gmail.com; www.gayaceramic.com; 04065314649.

Norway, Innlandet Back to top

“Keramikk Ringebu 1993–2023,” with Christian Bruun, Torbjørn Kvasbø, Svein Narum, Thomas Norstroem, Tapio Yli-Viiikari, and more (June 1–16). Fee: $25 per day. Board and lodging are at the participant’s expense.

Contact Torbjørn Kvasbø, Centre for Ceramic Art; tkvasboe@online.no; www.kvasbo.com; 0047 97 02 88 77.

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