Tasses! Regards de Lionel Latham

at Musée Ariana ( www.musee-ariana.ch) in Geneva, Switzerland, through July 31.

1 Manufacture of Rosenthal, model of Hans Theo Baumann, decoration by Fluvio Pieri, Berlin Cup and Saucer, porcelain, gold, 1960. 2 Fanny Dioguardi-Liberek’s Body to Body Mug, Faience mold, black enamel, 2010.

3 Saint Jean du Désert’s cups and saucers, porcelain, gold, 1900. Lionel Latham collection. 4 Manufacture of Langenthal, model of Gerald Gulotta’s cup and saucer, porcelain, polychrome, 1976. 1–4 Photos: Nicolas Lieber, Musée Ariana, Ville de Genève.

Exquisite Forms IV

at Charlie Cummings Gallery ( www.charliecummingsgallery.com) in Gainesville, Florida, March 25–April 15.

1 Noel Bailey’s oval serving piece, 12 in. (30 cm) in length, wheel-thrown and altered porcelain, 2022.2 John Tilton’s vase, 5½ in. (14 cm) in height, porcelain, crystalline glaze, 2022. Photo: Charlie Cummings Gallery.

Seismic State: California Ceramics

at Sparrow Gallery (http://sparrowgallery.com) in Sacramento, California, March 12–April 1.

1 Kris Marubayashi’s Medium Round, 13½ in. (34 cm) in height, clay, 2021.

2 Vince Montague’s Teapot (Fault Lines), 13 in. (33 cm) in length, stoneware, slips, fired to cone 10 in reduction, 2021.

Spring: Blossom—40 Years in the Making

at The Craft Centre & Design Gallery Leeds (www.craftcentreleeds.co.uk) in The Headrow, Leeds, UK, through April 30. 

1 Anna Lambert’s Parcevall Hall Pink Blossom footed cylinder bowl, 18 in. (46 cm) in diameter, Earthstone ES40 blended white earthenware, painted and inlaid colored slips, transparent glaze, fired to 2012°F (1100°C). 2 Lucy Burley’s Colorful Still-Life, to 9 in. (23 cm) in height, wheel-thrown white earthenware.
3 Jean White’s Future Fossils, to 9¼ in. (24 cm) in height, Parian slip. Photo: Mark Reeves. 4 Fiona Thompson’s bottles (Contained Flora series), to 12½ in. (32 cm) in height, handbuilt stoneware, slips, glazes, lusters, decals. Photo: Alisdair Clark.


at Waverly Street Gallery (www.waverlystreetgallery.com) in Bethesda, Maryland, through March 5.

1 Kanika Sircar’s Doors, 16 in. (41 cm) in height, slab-built stoneware, slip, glaze, fired to cone 6, laser decals, 2020.

Small and Mighty

at Red Lodge Clay Center (www.redlodgeclaycenter.com) in Red Lodge, Montana, through March 26. 

1 Gunyoung Kim’s Flowery Sheep, porcelain, 2021. 2 Tyler Quintin’s Rendering Voice, 51/2 in. (14 cm) in height, ceramic, steel, wood, paint, 2021.3 Rickie Barnett’s Water Watcher, 11 in. (28 cm) in height, ceramic, 2021. 4 Jonathan Christensen Caballero’s Sueños de Papel/Paper Dreams, 11 in. (28 cm) in height, earthenware, denim fiber, metal, vinyl, wood, 2021.

The Makings of Carbondale Clay Center: Movers & Shakers

at Carbondale Clay Center (www.carbondaleclay.org) in Carbondale, Colorado, and CMC Aspen in Aspen, Colorado, through May 6.

5 Sue Kolbe’s Farmer Straw’s Ewe, 15½ in. (39 cm) in diameter, wheel-thrown terra cotta, double majolica, painted decoration, fired to cone 03, 2010. Photo: Todd Babos.6 Linda Christianson’s vase, 6½ in. (17 cm) in height, stoneware, wood/salt fired, 2021. 7 Matthew Eames’ Structural Anomaly 6, 14 in. (36 cm) in width, earthenware, fired to cone 1, wood, concrete, metal, thread, 2021. 8 Ishara Sweeney’s Clea, 3¼ in. (8.3 cm) in height, wheel-thrown ceramic, water etching, underglaze painting, glazed interior, soda wash, fired to cone 5 in reduction, 2021.