A student from Chris Staley’s “Making Pots Personal” 2014 summer workshop, finishes a pot at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle, Maine. A student from Chris Staley’s “Making Pots Personal” 2014 summer workshop, finishes a pot at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle, Maine.
Manufacturing pugged clay and distributing glazes, kilns and equipment for Paragon, Skutt and L&L Kilns, Laguna, Coloramics/Mayco, Spectrum Glazes, Vent-A-Kiln, Peter Pugger, Amaco-Brent, and North Star.

Alabama, Fairhope

“Wood Firing,” with Maria Spies (June 5–8). Fee: $120. “Glaze Mixing with Confidence,” with Maria Spies (August 1–2). Fee: $245. Contact Eastern Shore Art Center; adrienne@esartcenter.com; www.esartcenter.com; 251-928-2228.

Alabama, Fairhope

“Decorated Dinner, Plates and Platters,” with Ronan Peterson (June 27–28). Fee: $185. “Conquering Your Fear,” with Bill Clover (August 8–9). Fee: $185. Contact Susie Bowman, The Kiln Studio and Gallery; thekilnstudio@yahoo.com; www.thekilnstudio.com; 251-517-5460.

Arizona, Flagstaff

“Wood Fire Workshop,” with Jason Hess (July 20–31). Fee: $1200. Contact Jason Hess, Northern Arizona University; jason.hess@nau.edu; www.nau.edu/ceramics; 928-699-8984.

California, Grass Valley

“Understanding Glaze Basics for Color and Surface,” with Chic Lotz (June 29–July 3). Fee: $300. Contact The Potter’s Wheel; 530-274-8185; Chic@PotteryPoet.com; www.ChicLotzPottery.com.

California, Idyllwild

“Hot Clay: Surfaces, A Conversation Between Form and Imagery,” with Kathy King (June 14–20). Fee: $725. “Hot Clay: Pots/Possibilities,” with Nick Joerling (June 14–20). Fee: $725. “Hot Clay: The Figure in Clay,” with Kensuke Yamada (June 14–20). Fee: $725. “Hot Clay: Personal Pots Through Soft Slabs,” with Liz Zlot Summerfield (June 21–27). Fee: $725. “Hot Clay: Making and Decorating and Soda Firing,” with Lorna Meaden (June 21–27). Fee: $725. “Ceramics: Form, Surface, Fire!,” with David Delgado, Sam Lopez (June 29–July 10). Fee: $1450. Contact Diane Dennis, Idyllwild Arts Summer Program; 951-659-2171; summer@idyllwildarts.org; www.idyllwildarts.org/summer.aspx.

California, Mendocino

“Introduction to Low-Fire: Form and Surface,” with Keith Schneider (June 5–7). Fee: $345. “Surface Experimentation,” with Yvonne Cavanagh (June 11–14). Fee: $435.

“Multiples, Parts and Pieces: A Demonstration with Shannon Sullivan,” (June 19–21). Fee: $350. “Expressive Clay and Play,” with Rick Parsons (June 22–28). Fee: $750. “Contemporary Wood-Fire Practices,” with Nick Schwartz (July 6–12). Fee: $700. “Plaster Mold-Making Made Easy,” with Bryan Yerian (July 12–18). Fee: $735. “Screen-Printing and Image Transfer onto Clay,” with Malia Landis (July 24–25). Fee: $260. “Building and Embellishing with Ceramic Press-Molds,” with Wesley Wright (July 31–August 2). Fee: $340. “Imagination on Fire,” with Kevin Crowe (August 3–13). Fee: $1000. “Functional–Sculptural,” with Steven Allen (August 17–22). Fee: $640. “Pattern and Form,” with Alix Knipe (August 24–28). Fee: $575. Contact Mendocino Art Center; marketing@mendocinoartcenter.org; www.mendocinoartcenter.org; 800-653-3328.

California, Ojai

“Lusterglazes Unveiled,” with Myra Toth (June 5–7). Fee: $550. Contact Pyramid Studio; Radtoth@aol.com; Pyramidstudio.com; 805-646-7752.

California, Penn Valley

“Making Clay Sculpture,” with Glenn Husted (June 8–9). Fee: $160. “Throwing and Assembling Raku Forms,” with Glenn Husted (June 11–12). Fee: $160. “3 Day Woodfiring,” with Glenn Husted (June 15–17). Fee: $300. “Raku Firing,” with Glenn Husted (June 20). Fee: $60. Contact Glenn Husted, Stone Soup Studio; glennhusted@sbcglobal.net; 530-274-9844; www.stonesoupstudio.org.

California, Pomona

“Succulence Workshop,” with Jennifer Grace (June 27). Fee: $65. “Clay Camp at AMOCA,” with AMOCA Staff (June 15–July 10). Fee: $200. “Family Day: Fruit Bowl Clay Activity,” with Jennifer Grace (July 25). Fee: $20. Contact American Museum of Ceramic Art; aolivier@amoca.org; www.amoca.org; 949-582-4401.

California, San Francisco

“Sam Chung,” with Sam Chung (June 26–28). Fee: $190/175 members. Contact sfclayworks; sfclayworks@att.net; www.sfclayworks.com; 415-647-CLAY.

California, Santa Cruz

“Large Pot Workshop,” with George Dymesich, Carol McMillen (June 15–19). Fee: $270.  “Tea Pot Workshop,” with George Dymesich, Carol McMillen (June 27–28). Fee: $120. Contact George Dymesich, Santa Cruz Adult School; gdymesichclay@scshop.com; 831-429-3966; www.georgethepotter.com.

California, Sunnyvale

“Understanding Porcelain,” with Antoinette Badenhorst (July 25–26). Fee: $175. Contact Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild; workshops@ovcag.org; www.ovcag.org; 408-479-2529.

Colorado, Arvada

“Responding to Touch, Thrown and Altered Porcelain,” with Leah Lietson (June 27–28). Fee: $175. “Tipping the Sacred Cow,” with Dee Schaad (July 18–19). Fee: $175. “Porcelain,” with Antoinette Badenhorst (August 8–9). Fee: $200. “Multi-Layered Surfaces,” with Macy Dorf (August 15–16). Fee: $175. Contact Bebe Alexander, The Arvada Center; info@arvadaceramicarts.org; www.arvadacenter.org; 720-898-7239.

Colorado, Pagosa Springs

“Anasazi Pottery at Chimney Rock National Monument,” with Gregory Wood (July 31–August 2). Fee: $180. Contact Gregory Wood, AncientArts.org; gwood@ancientarts.org; www.ancientarts.org; 970-316-2787.

Colorado, Snowmass Village

“Digital Clay: Computer Aided Design,” with Del Harrow (June 1–12). Fee: $1030. “For the Table: Approaches to making,” with Andy Brayman and Alleghany Meadows (June 1–12). Fee: $1030. “The Deconstructed Cup,” with Ron Nagle and Sam Harvey (June 15–19). Fee: $1070. “Inspirational Surfaces: surface design for ceramics,” with Molly Hatch (June 15–26). Fee: $1130. “Get Flat: a printmaking and ceramics intensive,” with Michael Krueger and Ralph Scala (June 22–July 3). Fee: $1130. “Practice and Play: The art of pottery,” with Josh DeWeese (June 29–July 10). Fee: $1130. “Pottery Pointers: eight exercises in form and surface,” with Gain Kendall (July 6–17). Fee: $1130. “Making Pottery: new ideas from old ideas,” with Julia Galloway (July 13–24). Fee: $1130. “Sculpting Your Own Voice,” with Arthur Gonzalez with guest artist Christian Rex van Minnen (July 20–31). Fee: $1130. “Function: the culture of the table,” with Liz Quackenbush (July 27–August 7). Fee: $1130. “Ceramic Sculpture: inside–outside,” with Barry Bartlett (August 3–14). Fee: $1130. “Painted Plates and Tiles,” with Holly Hughes (August 10–14). Fee: $870. “Expanding Your Vocabulary of Functional Forms,” with Lorna Meaden with guest artist Doug Casebeer (August 17–28). Fee: $1030. “The Figure: metal and clay,” with Lisa Clague (August 17–28). Fee: $1030. Contact Ralph Scala, Anderson Ranch Arts Center; rscala@andersonranch.org; www.andersonranch.org; 970-923-3181.

Connecticut, Canton

“Fire and Smoke, Techniques in Primitive and Alternative Firings,” with Tim Scull (June 14–16). Fee: $310. “Ash Flash and Fire, Woodfiring in a Naborigama,” with Tim Scull and staff (July 24–26). Fee: $425. “Exploration in Saggar and Smoke Fired Pottery,” with Tim Scull (August 15–17). Fee: $310. Contact Canton Clay Works; 860-693-1000; cantonclayworks@yahoo.com; www.cantonclayworks.com.

Connecticut, Woodbridge

“Firing the Pyranha-gama,” with Michael Strand, Trevor Youngberg (July 7–10). Fee: $250. Contact Trevor Youngberg; 203-641-0211; trevoryoungberg@gmail.com; www.trevoryoungberg.com.

Illinois, Champaign

“Silk-screen Printing Made Easy and Decals for Ceramics, Glass and Enamels,” with Rimas VisGirda (June 15–19). Fee: $350. Contact Ron Kovatch, Metal Guild at University of Illinois; theide@illinois.edu; 217-898-7557.

Illinois, St. Charles

“Cultivating the Ceramic Surface,” with Sean O’Connell (June 20). Fee: $135. Contact Adam Robersmith, The Fine Line Creative Arts Center; info@fineline.org; www.fineline.org; 630-584-9443.

Indiana, Indianapolis

“Porcelain Art School,” with San Do, Barbara Bougher, Filipe Pereira, Rickie Nishi, Paula Collins, Mariela Villasmil, Cheryl Meggs (July 12–17). Fee: TBA. Contact Indiana Porcelain Art School; 317-341-4667; ewilsonpruitt@yahoo.com; www.porcelainartschool.com.

Iowa, Okoboji

“Silk-Screen Printing Made Easy and Decals for Ceramics, Glass, and Enamel,” with Rimas VisGirda (July 20–24). Fee: $365. Contact Pearson Lakes Art Center; holly@lakesart.org; www.lakesart.org; 712-332-7013.

Maine, Deer Isle

“Exploring Handbuilt Forms,” with Sunshine Cobb (June 14–26). Fee: $930. “Turntablism: A Vessel Mashup,” with Malcolm Mobutu Smith (June 28–July 10). Fee: $930. “Make, Look, Use, Think,” with Alleghany Meadows (July 19–31). Fee: $930. “The Figure Dynamic: Creating Narratives in Half Scale and Under,” with Tip Toland (August 2–14). Fee: $930. “Building Form,” with David Eichelberger (August 16–28). Fee: $930. “Serving a Purpose,” with gwendolyn yoppolo (August 30–September 5). Fee: $495. Contact Haystack Mountain School of Crafts; haystack@haystack-mtn.org; www.haystack-mtn.org; 207-348-2306.

Maine, Monroe

“Summer Solstice Side-by-Side,” with Squidge L. Davis (June 19–22). Fee: $500. “Process Immersion, the Full Cycle,” with Squidge Liljeblad Davis (July 3–10). Fee: $1000. “Beginner’s Mind with Clay and Earth,” with Squidge Liljeblad Davis (August 1–8). Fee: $1000. Contact Squidge L. Davis, Starflower Farm & Studios; squidge@midcoast.com; www.starflowerfarmstudios.com; 207-525-3593.

Maryland, Arnold

“Slabs, Slabs, and More Slabs,” with Jayne Shatz (June 13). Fee: $85. “Glazing With Flair, Methods of Glazing for the Innovative Potter,” with Jayne Shatz (July 11). Fee: $85. Contact Jayne Shatz, Jayne Shatz Pottery; 410-757-6351; esclay@comcast.net; www.jayneshatzpottery.com.

Maryland, Frederick

“Firing the Soda Kiln,” with Lisa York (June 24–28). Fee: $300. “Throwing Large Forms,” with Kevin Crowe (July 6–11). Fee: $485. “Masters’ Throwing,” with Kristin Muller (August 27–30). Fee: $300. Contact, Hood College; scottj@hood.edu; secure.hood.edu/ceramics; 301-696-3531.

Massachusetts, Somerville

“Visiting Artist: Kari Radasch,” (June 6–7). Fee: $300. Contact Mudflat Pottery School and Studios; info@mudflat.org; www.mudflat.org; 617-628-0589.

Massachusetts, Truro

“Raku Pottery,” with Diane Heart (June 15–19). Fee: $415. “Pattern and Color on Clay,” with Adero Willard (June 22–26). Fee: $415. “Wood Firing,” with Brian Taylor (June 28–July 4). Fee: $340. “Surface and Geometry,” with Kala Stein (June 29–July 3). Fee: $415. “Animal Sculpture: Pattern on Clay,” with Hannah Niswonger (July 6–10). Fee: $415. “Looking Lively!,” with Gay Smith (July 13–17). Fee: $415. “Wheel Throwing,” with Brian Taylor (July 20–24). Fee: $415. “Smoke, Clay, Fire,” with Judith Motzkin (July 27–31). Fee: $415. “Lets Talk: A Conversation Between Form and Imagery,” with Kathy King (August 3–7). Fee: $415. “Pots a la Carte,” with Mark Shapiro (August 10–13). Fee: $425. “Wood Firing,” with Brian Taylor (August 16–22). Fee: $340. “Beginning Throwing: Let’s Start Making Pots!,” with Tom White (August 17–21). Fee: $415. “Slab Constructed Pottery: From Flat to Round,” with Bill Griffith (August 24–28). Fee: $415. “Hand Building and Raku Firing,” with Jim Brunelle (August 31–September 4). Fee: $415. Contact Brian Taylor, Truro Center for the Arts Castle Hill; brian@castlehill.org; www.castlehill.org; 508-349-7511.

Massachusetts, Wellfleet

“Cape Cod Alternative Firing and Handbuilding/Throwing Concentrations (Session 1),” with Kathie Regan, Claire Shenk (July 18–24). Fee: $650. “Cape Cod Alternative Firing and Handbuilding/Throwing Concentrations (session 2),” with Kathie Regan, Claire Shenk (July 26–August 1). Fee: $650. Contact Wellfleet Summer Pottery Workshop; 610-308-8695; rodgers718@aol.com; www.claireshenkrodgers.com.

Massachusetts, Williamsburg

“Storytelling with Pottery,” with Grace Sheese (May 31–June 6). Fee: $590. “Painting with Fire: Native American Firing,” with Bob Green (June 7–13). Fee: $590. “Tricks of the Trade,” with Deborah Schwartzkopf (June 19–21). Fee: $355. “Alternative Firing,” with Bob Green (July 30–August 2). Fee: $465. “Surfaces That Sing,” with Sarah Jaeger (August 2–8). Fee: $775. Contact Karen Totman, Snow Farm: The New England Craft Program; info@snowfarm-art.org; www.snowfarm.org; 413-268-3101.

Michigan, Saugatuck

“Printmaking on Clay,” with Thomas Lucas, Paul Wandless (June 7–20). Fee: $1260. “Breaking Bad Habits Ceramic Workshop,” with Benjamin DeMott, Delaney DeMott (July 5–18). Fee: $1260. “Free Clay,” with Ian McMahon, Ashley Lyon (July 19–August 1). Fee: $1260. “Materials and Process: Woodfire Workshop,” with Perry Haas, David Peters (August 2–15). Fee: $1260. Contact Ruth Baratta, Ox-Bow School of Art and Artists’ Residency; oxbow@saic.edu; www.ox-bow.org; 800-318-3019.

Minnesota, Grand Marais

“Two Potters—Alternate Routes,” with Bob Briscoe, Jason Trebs (June 20–21). Fee: $190. “From Concept to Creation,” with Jason Trebs (June 22–26). Fee: $505. “Creative Ceramics,” with Dorian Beaulieu (July 27–August 1). Fee: $607. “The Place of Pots,” with Guillermo Cuellar (August 24–28). Fee: $498. Contact Amy Demmer, Grand Marais Art Colony; events@grandmaraisartcolony.org; www.grandmaraisartcolony.org; 218-387-2737.

Minnesota, Minneapolis

“The Subtle Touch,” with Steven C. Rolf (June 27–28). Fee: $195. “Tableware: Intent and Harmony,” with Andy Shaw (July 18–19). Fee: $195. “A Garden of Pots,” with Jan McKeachie Johnston (August 8–9). Fee: $195. Contact Northern Clay Center; 612-339-8007; education@northernclaycenter.org; www.northernclaycenter.org.

Minnesota, Wrenshall

“Working in Clay,” with Tonya Borgeson (May 30–June 3). Fee: $385. Contact Kitty Jacquot, Dragonfire Ceramics; dragonfireceramics@yahoo.com; www.dragonfireceramicsworkshops.com; 218-384-9374.

Mississippi, Natchez

“Glaze Mixing,” with Conner Burns (July 11). Fee: $150. “Spraying Glazes,” with Conner Burns (July 12). Fee: $150. Contact Conner Burns, Conner Burns Studio and Gallery; studioburns@aol.com; www.connerburns.com; 601-446-6334.

Missouri, Kansas City

“Investigating Surface with Majolica,” with Linda Arbuckle (June 6–7). Fee: $180. “Clay Combinations,” with Brice Dyer (June 13). Fee: $70. “Figurative Expression,” with Jamie Bates (June 20–21). Fee: $180. “Organic Jewelry: The Art of Wearable Clay,” with Jessica Thompson-Lee (June 27). Fee: $70. “Clay as Canvas: 2D Imagery on 3D Forms,” with Stuart Asprey (July 11–12). Fee: $180. “Alternative Mold and Casting Techniques,” with Cary Esser (July 18). Fee: $70. “Discovery Through Collaboration,” with Chandra DeBuse, Tommy Frank (July 25–26). Fee: $180. Contact Consuelo Cruz, Belger Crane Yard Studios; ccruz@redstarstudios.org; www.redstarstudios.org; 816-474-7316.

Montana, Helena

“Pots: A Studied Approach,” with Peter Beasecker (July 13–17). Fee: $495. “A Short Path to the High Road,” with Sandy Simon, Robert Brady (August 19–23). Fee: $495. Contact Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts; education@archiebray.org; www.archiebray.org; 406-443-3502.

Montana, Missoula

“Coil-Building the Figure in a Two-Day Reduction Sauce,” with Adrian Arleo (June 27–28). Fee: $245. Contact Shalene Valenzuela, The Clay Studio of Missoula; director@theclaystudioofmissoula.org; www.theclaystudioofmissoula.org; 406-543-0509.

Nevada, Henderson

“Tom Coleman All About Porcelain,” with Tom Coleman (August 10–16). Fee: $1000. Contact Amy Kline, Pottery West; amy@potterywest.com; http://potterywest.com/a/tom-coleman-workshops; 702-685-7573.

Nevada, Incline Village

“The Figure in Context,” with Susannah Israel, Michele Gregor (June 15–19). Fee: $499.50. “Fast Fired ‘Pottree’,” with Randy Brodnax, Don Ellis (June 22–26). Fee: $499.50. “Multiples, Pieces, and Parts,” with Shannon Sullivan (June 27–28). Fee: $225. “Hand Built Functional Forms,” with Sunshine Cobb (July 6–10). Fee: $499.50. “Glazing, Firing, and Throwing Bigger,” with Danny Meisinger (July 13–17). Fee: $499.50. “Ceramic Press Molding,” with Wesley Wright (July 18–19). Fee: $225. “Happiness is a Warm Extruder,” with Hayne Bayless (July 20–24). Fee: $499.50. “The Exquisite Surface,” with Sean O’Connell (July 27–31). Fee: $499.50. Contact Sheri Leigh O’Connor, Sierra Nevada College Lake Tahoe; sleigh@sierranevada.edu; www.sierranevada.edu/workshops; 775-881-7588.

New Jersey, Belvidere

“English Slipware Decoration and Wheel Work,” with Daniel Johnston (July 11–12). Fee: $250. Contact Peter Callas, Peter Callas Studio; peter@petercallas.com; www.petercallas.com; 980-750-4588.

New Jersey, Layton

“Intro to Mold Making and Casting,” with Ruth Borgenicht (May 29–June 30). Fee: $560. “Technical Woodfiring,” with Justin Lambert (June 5–9). Fee: $560. “From Ordinary to Extraordinary,” with Maureen Mills (June 12–16). Fee: $560. “Altering Pots and Firing in Salt,” with Susan Beecher (June 19–23). Fee: $560. “Battle of the Burn,” with Steve Cook, Bruce Dehnert (June 26–30). Fee: $560. “Pottery on the Wheel,” with Kristin Muller (July 3–5). Fee: $390. “Cut and Paste Casting, Building and Assembling,” with Jennifer Ling Datchuk, Ryan Takaba (July 10–14). Fee: $560. “Set the Table,” with Deborah Schwartzkopf (July 17–21). Fee: $560. “Increasing the Scale and Drama of Your Work,” with Richard Aerni (July 24–28). Fee: $560. “Color and Pattern: An Approach to Pottery,” with Adero Willard (July 31–August 4). Fee: $560. “Soda for Surface,” with John Hasegawa (August 7–10). Fee: $480. “Making Work for the Anagama,” with Jack Troy (August 14–17). Fee: $480. “Firing the Peters Valley Anagama with Jack Troy,” (August 18–25). Fee: $815. Contact Kristin Muller, Executive Director, Peters Valley Craft Center; info@petersvalley.org; www.petersvalley.org; 973-948-5200.

New Jersey, Lincroft

“Dinnerware Workshop,” with Don Bradford (June 23–26). Fee: $115. “Foil Saggar and Horsehair,” with Christina Carlson (June 27). Fee: $45. Contact Monmouth County Parks System, Thompson Park, Creative Arts Center; ccarlson@monmouthcountyparks.com; www.monmouthcountyparks.com; 732-842-4000 ext.4343.

New Mexico, Abiquiu

“Working the Magic of Ghost Ranch Clay,” with Barbara Campbell (July 6–12). Fee: $705. “Clay to Lift the Heart,” with Barbara Campbell (July 13–19). Fee: $705. “From the Ground Up: Learning to Create with Clay and Fire,” with Doug DeLind (July 27–August 2). Fee: $1360. “Clay, Paper and Firing,” with Luisa Baldinger, Judy Nelson-Moore (August 16–20). Fee: $325. Contact Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center; info@GhostRanch.org; dancingmudstudio.net/workshops; 575-581-4430.

New Mexico, El Prado

“Throw It, Move It, Twist It, Poke It!,” with Meaghan Gates (June 5–6). Fee: $185. “Cone 10 Soda,” with John Bradford (June 26–27). Fee: $175. “Fire It Up: Wood, Gas, and Charcoal Firing,” with Scott McClellan, Rene Robles (July 20–24). Fee: $550. “Bede Clark: Beyond the Basics,” with Bede Clark (July 30–August 1). Fee: $350. “Abby Salsbury,” with Abby Salsbury (August 27–29). Fee: $285. Contact brandi Jessup, Taos Clay; brandijessup@gmail.com; www.taosclay.com; 575-770-4334.

New Mexico, Santa Fe

“Figurative Sculpture,” with Akio Takamori (June 8–12). Fee: $735. “Adjusting Volume: Insights into Throwing, Altering and Handbuilding,” with Randy Johnston (June 15–19). Fee: $735. “Inside Out,” with Alessandro Gallo (June 22–26). Fee: $735. “The Printed Figure,” with Cristina Córdova (June 29–July 3). Fee: $735. “Picturing People Naked: Sculpting the Figure,” with Christina West (July 6–10). Fee: $770. “Exploring Handbuilt Functional Ceramics,” with Sunshine Cobb (July 13–17). Fee: $735. “Florabudance! ” with Farraday Newsome (July 20–24). Fee: $735. “Figure It Out,” with Kensuke Yamada (July 27–31). Fee: $735. “Synchronizing Pottery Surface and Form,” with Sam Chung (August 3–7). Fee: $735. “Constructed Images: Form and Surface,” with Victoria Christen (August 10–14). Fee: $735. Contact Avra Leodas, Santa Fe Clay; sfc@santafeclay.com; www.santafeclay.com; 505-984-1122.

New York, Alfred

“Timeless/Timely,” with Linda Sikora, Matthew Metz (June 29–July 10). Fee: $850. “A Raku Workshop,” with Wayne Higby (June 29–July 11). Fee: $850. “Four Week Intensive Workshop,” with John Gill, Inchin Lee (June 29–July 24). Fee: $1600. “The Teacher’s Studio,” with Jason Green (July 6–10). Fee: $450. “Big Clay: Raw,” with Walter McConnell (July 6–17). Fee: $850. “Ceramic Science for the Artist,” with William Carty (July 10–11). Fee: $200. Contact, School of Art and Design, NYSCC Alfred University; summerceramics@alfred.edu; www.alfred.edu; 607-871-2413.

New York, Corning

“Anagama Firing,” with Samuel Johnson (June 28–July 4). Fee: $200. Contact Fred Herbst, Corning Community College; herbst@corning-cc.edu; www.corning-cc.edu; 607-962-9354.

New York, Freehold

“Udu Drum/Nigerian Pottery Workshop,” with Frank Giorgini (July 11–18). Fee: $350. Contact Frank Giorgini, Udu Inc/Handmade Tiles; fgiorgini@mhcable.com; www.udu.com; 518-634-2559.

New York, Maplecrest

“Making and Firing for the Salt Kiln,” with Suze Lindsay (June 25–30). Fee: $450. “Magnificent Mosaics,” with Cynthia Fisher (June 26–28). Fee: $295. “Sensational Salt Fire,” with Susan Beecher (July 3–5). Fee: $325. “Flashing and Fuming: Special Effects in Raku and Salt Firing,” with Randy Broadnax (July 9–14). Fee: $460. “Stunning Porcelain: Form and Surface,” with Matthew Metz (July 16–20). Fee: $450. “Form and Pattern,” with Jeffrey Kleckner (July 23–28). Fee: $450. “Clay for Seniors,” with Susan Beecher (June 24–August 26). Fee: $125. “Basics and Beyond,” with Susan Beecher (June 24–August 26). Fee: $250. “Elegantly Altered,” with Martha Grover (August 6–11). Fee: $450. “An Artist’s Approach: From Concept to Completion,” with Jeff Shapiro (August 13–17). Fee: $450. “Increasing the Scale and Drama of Your Work,” with Richard Aerni (August 20–25). Fee: $450. “The Allure of the Altered Pot,” with Susan Beecher (August 27–31). Fee: $395. Contact Susan Beecher, Sugar Maples Center for Creative Arts; beechers60@earthlink.net; www.sugarmaples.org; 518-263-2010.

New York, New York

“Samuel Johnson Master Series Workshop,” with Samuel Johnson (July 17–19). Fee: $425. Contact Lisa Chicoyne, Assistant Director, Greenwich House Pottery; lchicoyne@greenwichhouse.org; www.greenwichhouse.org; 212-242-4106.

New York, Rochester

“Breaking the “8” Barrier,” with Ryan Snow (July 25–26). Fee: $125. Contact Genesee Pottery; pottery@geneseearts.org; www.geneseearts.org; 585-271-5183.

New York, Schuylerville

“The FIRM” with Stephen Heywood, Brian Jensen, Shane Christensen, Michael T. Schmidt (May 29–30). Fee: $250. “Steven Hill Participatory Workshop—pouring,” with Steven Hill (July 12–18). Fee: $700. Contact Saratoga Clay Arts Center; info@saratogaclayarts.org; 518-581-2529; www.saratogaclayarts.org.

North Carolina, Asheville

“From the Garden to the Table,” with Ben Carter (June 1–5). Fee: $595. “Scaling Up: Handbuilding Big,” with Eric Knoche (June 8–12). Fee: $620. “New Directions in China Painting,” with Paul Lewing (July 13–17). Fee: $595. “The Potter’s Brush: A Brush Making and Decorating Workshop,” with Joe Campbell (July 17–19). Fee: $280. “We’re Only Human: The Expressive Figure,” with Magda Gluszek (July 20–24). Fee: $620. “Serving Pieces: Two Approaches,” with Amy Sanders, Jennifer Mecca (August 1–2). Fee: $250. “Wood Fired Pots: Reservation and Restraint,” with Bede Clarke (August 17–21). Fee: $620. “The Dynamic Decal,” with Justin Rothshank (August 31–September 4). Fee: $595. Contact Brian McCarthy, Odyssey Center for the Ceramic Arts; odysseyclayworks@gmail.com; www.odysseyceramicartsnetwork.orgm; 828-285-0210.

North Carolina, Brasstown

“Advanced Wheel Throwing: Following Hunches, Taking Risks,” with Kevin Crowe (June 14–20). Fee: $594. “Raku, Salku, and the Potter’s Wheel,” with Rick Berman (July 19–25). Fee: $594. “Pottery Passion,” with Joe Jeffcoat, Tonda Jeffcoat (August 9–15). Fee: $594. “The Art of Throwing and Raku Firing,” with Harry Hearne, Julie Hearne (August 23–29). Fee: $594. Contact John C. Campbell Folk School; melinda@folkschool.org; www.folkschool.org; 828-837-2775.

North Carolina, Penland

“Wood Firing: Exploring Form and Surface,” with Chris Gustin (May 24–June 5).  “Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, and Me,” with Pattie Chalmers (May 24–June 5). “Exploring Form and Color,” with Greg Daly (June 7–19). “Self-Expression through Clay,” with Michael Keighery (June 7–19). “Pots and Woodfire,” with Linda Christianson (June 21–July 3). “Handbuilt Pots for Food,” with Jerilyn Virden (June 21–July 3).“To Set the Table,” with Steve Loucks (July 5–17).  “Investigating Earthenware: Form to Surface,” with Kip O’Krongly (July 5–17). “Exploring Forms for Presentation,” with Silvie Granatelli (July 19–August 4).  “Sculpture in Motion,” with Arturo G. Córdova, Cristina Córdova (July 19–August 4).  “Salt- and Soda-Fired Ceramics,” with Janne Hieck, Gregory Hamilton Miller (August 9–21). “By Design: Prototyping and Mold Making,” with Hiroe Hanazono (August 9–21). “Altering the Thrown Form,” with Jeff Oestreich (August 23–29). “Handbuilding Plus Color,” with Lana Wilson (August 23–29). Contact Robin Dreyer, Penland School of Crafts; registrar@penland.org; www.penland.org; 828-765-5753.

North Carolina, Sylva

“Slabs and Extrusions,” with Hayne Bayless (June 14–19). Fee: $525. “Finding Your Form Through Nature,” with Alice Ballard (June 28–July 3). Fee: $525. “Surface: Design and Technique,” with Sue Tirrell (July 5–10). Fee: $545. “Allowing the Figure to Speak,” with Debra Fritts (July 12–17). Fee: $545. Contact Cullowhee Mountain Arts; norma@cullowheemountainarts.org; www.cullowheemountainarts.org; 828-342-6913.

Oregon, Portland

“Handbuilding Stylized Figures,” with Leslie B. Lee (August 2–8). Fee: $775. Contact John Kinyon, Creative Arts Community; info@creativeartscommunity.org; www.creativeartscommunity.org; 503-760-5837.

Pennsylvania, Farmington

“Working at the Wheel,” with Valda Cox (June 15–20). Fee: $570. “Finding the Beauty in Imperfection,” with Akira Satake (June 22–26). Fee: $525. “Atmospheric Effects for Electric Firing,” with Steven Hill (July 6–11). Fee: $900. “Color Your Clay,” with Chris Campbell (July 13–17). Fee: $525.“Fresh, Sassy, and Lively Pots: Soft Altering on the Wheel and Beyond,” with Gay Smith (July 20–24). Fee: $525. “Double Walled Bowls, Puzzle Jugs and Teapots Without Lids: A Study of Uncommon Wheel Thrown Forms,” with William Schran (July 27–31). Fee: $525. “Everything We Touch, It Touches Us,” with Yoko Sekino-Bove (August 3–7). Fee: $525. “Schlumpy Funk Ceramicizing,” with Laura Jean McLaughlin, Kevin Snipes (August 10–14). Fee: $525. “Pots from Pieces,” with Martina Lantin (August 17–21). Fee: $525. “New Directions in China Painting,” with Paul Lewing (August 24–28). Fee: $525. Contact Elizabeth Lawrence, Touchstone Center for Crafts; 724-329-1370; info@touchstonecrafts.org; www.touchstonecrafts.com.

Pennsylvania, Little Meadows

“Throwing Large: Method Not Macho,” with Kevin Crowe (July 18–19). Fee: $275. Contact Ruth Cohen & Archie Johnson, Mud and Fire Potters; 570-623-3335; mudandfirepotter@aol.com; www.mudandfirepotters.com.

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

“Working Out the Details: Surface, Form, and Function,” with Adam Field, Doug Peltzman (June 6–7). Fee: $300. “Innovations in Paper Clay: Experimental Sculptural Construction—A Versatile Approach,” with Rebecca Hutchinson, Graham Hay, Jerry Bennet (June 19–21). Fee: $400. Contact Naomi Cleary, The Clay Studio; josie@theclaystudio.org; www.theclaystudio.org; 215-285-6665.

Pennsylvania, Reading

“Form and Surface: Building with Ornament,” with Blair Clemo (June 19–21). Fee: $325. “Image Transference,” with David Eichelberger (July 20–24). Fee: $525. “The Repurposed Ceramic Object,” with Gratia Brown (July 27–31). Fee: $525. “Concept,” with Sunshine Cobb (August 3–7). Fee: $525. “Paper Clay,” with Jerry Bennett (August 17–21). Fee: $525. Contact GoggleWorks; jpastore@goggleworks.org; www.goggleworks.org; 610-374-4600.

Tennessee, Gatlinburg

“Hand Made Models and Break Away Molds,” with Heather Mae Erickson (May 31–June 6). Fee: $525. “Anything Goes: Combining Simple Techniques into Complex Pots,” with Blair Clemo (May 31–June 6). Fee: $525. “Defining Personal Direction and Construction: Paper Clay A Versatile Approach,” with Rebecca Hutchinson (June 7–13). Fee: $525. “Finding Your Voice Through Volumetric Image Transfer and the Pouring Vessel,” with Forrest Lesch-Middleton (June 7–13). Fee: $525. “Evocative Animal Heads,” with Russell Wrankle (June 14–20). Fee: $525. “Handbuilding Vessels with Bisque Molds,” with Joseph Pintz (June 14–20). Fee: $525. “Personal Narrative,” with Jason Walker (June 21–27). Fee: $525. “On the Surface,” with Ursula Hargens (June 21–27). Fee: $525. “Limited Edition: Exploring Ceramic Surfaces for Figurative Sculpture,” with Thaddeus Erdahl (June 28–July 11). Fee: $995. “Clay—Wood Firing: Process and Purpose,” with Doug Jeppesen (June 28–July 11). Fee: $995. “Pottery Time Machine,” with Sam Chung (July 12–18). Fee: $525. “Expressive Figures in Clay,” with Janis Mars Wunderlich (July 19–25). Fee: $525. “Altered, Ornamented and Drawn: No Fear!,” with Kristen Kieffer (July 19–25). Fee: $525. “Hollow Form Sculpture,” with Jerilyn Virden (July 26–August 1). Fee: $525. “Pots a la Carte: Expression and Ease,” with Mark Shapiro (July 26–August 1). Fee: $525. “Working Out the Details: Surface, Form and Function,” with Adam Field, Doug Peltzman (August 2–8). Fee: $525. “Finding Your Form,” with Alice Ballard (August 9–15). Fee: $525. “Clay, Form, Slip. Glaze, Fire,” with McKenzie Smith (August 9–15). Fee: $525. Contact Bill Griffith, Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts; info@arrowmont.org; www.arrowmont.org; 865-436-5860.

Tennessee, Sewanee

“When Animals Go Tactile!” with Bernadette Curran (June 14–20). Fee: $840. “Saggar Firing Techniques,” with Jill Solomon (June 14–20). Fee: $840. “Throw, Facet, Stretch, Dart! The Wheel as a Creative Tool,” with Neil Patterson (June 21–27). Fee: $840. “Flat to Form: Handbuilding Pots,” with Sandi Pierantozzi (June 21–27). Fee: $840. Contact Claire Reishman, Shakerag Workshops; info@shakerag.org; www.shakerag.org; 931-598-5651 x3165.

Tennessee, Smithville

“Beyond the Vessel,” with Brad Schwieger (June 1–6). Fee: $500. “Designing Models and Mold Making,” with Hiroe Hanazono (June 24–28). Fee: $400. “Lotsa Layers: Decorating Clay Forms,” with Pattie Chalmers (July 10–12). Fee: $300. “Figures in Clay,” with Kensuke Yamada (July 13–18). Fee: $500. “Slip Casting Tiles and Patterns,” with Haejung Lee (July 22–26). Fee: $400. “Wheelthrowing for Wood Firing,” with Lindsay Oesterritter (July 31–August 2). Fee: $300. “The Dark Side of Wood Firing,” with Lindsay Oesterritter (August 3–8). Fee: $500. Contact Appalachian Center for Craft; 931-372-3051; lmaestri@tntech.edu; http://tntech.edu/craftcenter.

Texas, Houston

“Porcelain Pots for Contemporary Culture,” with Mike Jabbur (June 20–21). Fee: $175. Contact Betsy Evans, 18 Hands Gallery; info@18handsgallery.com; www.18handsgallery.com; 713-869-3099.

Texas, San Marcos

“Big Clay!,” with Billy Ray Mangham, James Tisdale (June 8–12). Fee: $500. “Big Clay Two!,” with Billy Ray Mangham, C.W. “Carl” Block (June 22–26). Fee: $500. Contact Billy Ray Mangham, Eye of the Dog Art Center; billyraymangham@gmail.com; www.eyeofthedog.com; 512-558-1723.

Utah, Ephraim

“Wheel-Thrown Pottery in the Studio,” with Joseph Bennion (June 1–5). Fee: $400. Contact Snow College Visual Arts; 435-283-7472; scott.allred@snow.edu; www.snow.edu/summersnow.

Virginia, Charlottesville

“Surface Treatment on Wheel Thrown Pots,” with Nan Rothwell (June 6–7). Fee: $220. “Altering Thrown Forms: Combining Sections, Varying Surfaces,” with Nan Rothwell (July 11–12). Fee: $220. Contact City Clay; info@cityclaycville.com; www.cityclaycville.com; 434-293-0808.

Virginia, Lorton

“Raku Workshop,” with Joe Dailey, Michael Corigliano (June 27). Fee: $90. “Raku Workshop,” with Dale Marhanka (July 25). Fee: $90. “Raku Workshop,” with Joe Dailey, Michael Corigliano (August 15). Fee: $90. Contact Dale Marhanka, Workhouse Arts Center—Ceramics Program; dalemarhanka@workhousearts.org; www.workhousearts.org; 703-584-2982.

Virginia, Richmond

“Teapots Workshop,” with Julie Elkins (June 20–21). Fee: $125. “Porcelain Pots,” with Mike Jabbur (July 24–26). Fee: $150. Contact Maggi Tinsley and Malinda Collier, Visual Arts Center of Richmond; marissahermanson@visarts.org; www.visarts.org; 804-353-0094.

Virginia, Roanoke

“Women Working with Clay Symposium,” with Christa Assad, Linda Christianson, Cristina Córdova, Shoko Teruyama (June 8–11). Fee: $395. Contact Hollins University; cpowell@hollins.edu; www.hollins.edu/tmva; 540-362-6225.

Washington, Coupeville

“Clay and Food, A Beautiful Relationship—Pots for the Kitchen and the Table,” with Robbie Lobell (July 15–21). Fee: $985. Contact Robbie Lobell, Robbie Lobell Pottery; robbie@cookonclay.com; www.robbielobell.com; 360-678-1414.

Washington, Leavenworth

“Funky Firings,” with Scott Dillman (June 22–28). Fee: $350. “Functional Stoneware Pottery,” with Scott Dillman (July 13–19). Fee: $325. “Tiny Clay: Beads, Buttons, and Baubles,” with Sarah Jane Gray (July 20–26). Fee: $325. “Expressive Clay: Ceramic Sculpture,” with Sarah Jane Gray (August 3–9). Fee: $325. Contact Sarah Jane Gray, Grunewald Guild; 509-763-3693; sarahjanegray@gmail.com; www.grunewaldguild.com.

Washington, Shelton

“Firing the Wood-Fired Salt Kiln,” with John Benn (June 18–21). Fee: $250. Contact John Benn, Harstine Island Wood Kilns; bennpottery@gmail.com; www.benngallagher.com; 360-426-3918.

Wisconsin, Herbster

“The Best Little Wood-fire Workshop,” with Mike Weber (June 13–28). Fee: $595. Contact Mike Weber, Weberwoodfire; weberml@uwec.edu; www.weberwoodfire.com; 715-774-3707.

Canada, Alberta, Red Deer

“Series Summer Arts School,” with Arne Handley, Sean O’Connell, Meira Mathison, Brenda Danbrook (July 6–31). Fee: $396. Contact Red Deer College; joyce.howdle@rdc.ab.ca; www.rdc.ab.ca/series; 403-342-3526.

Canada, British Columbia, Burnaby

“Train and Vault Firing with Ted Neal,” with Ted Neal (June 15–23). Fee: $425. Contact Sharon Reay, Shadbolt Centre for the Arts; 604-291-6864; sharon.reay@burnaby.ca; www.shadboltcentre.com.

Canada, British Columbia, Victoria

“Re-Thinking the Wheel,” with Reid Ozaki (June 20–26). Fee: $760. “Playing with Your Food: Slab Building with Paper Clay,” with Cory McCrory (June 20–26). Fee: $740. “Handbuilding—Expression in Your Work,” with Bob Kingsmill (June 22–26). Fee: $510. “Altered Forms/Design Decisions,” with Ellen Shankin (June 27–July 3). Fee: $715. “Slabs, Naturally!,” with Sandra Dolph (June 29–July 3). Fee: $510. “Handbuilding Houses: Dwelling on Possibilities,” with Susan Delatour (June 29–July 3). Fee: $535. “Shake and Bake: Handbuilding Meets Surface Design,” with Mariko Paterson (June 29–July 3). Fee: $540. “Handbuilding and Mold Design,” with Vincent Massey (June 29–July 3). Fee: $522. “Chasing the Elusive Flame: Alternative Firing Techniques,” with Don Ellis (June 29–July 3). Fee: $566. Contact Meira Mathison, Metchosin Intl. Summer School of the Arts; meiram@shaw.ca; www.missa.ca; 250-391-2420.

Canada, Ontario, Toronto

“Conference 2015,” with Sunshine Cobb, Robin Dupont, Bruce Dehnert, Scott Barnim (June 5–7). Fee: $215. Contact Lucie Gilchrist, Fusion: Ontario Clay and Glass Association; fusion@clayandglass.on.ca; www.clayandglass.on.ca; 416-438-8946.

France, Cordes sur Ciel

“Slipware/Earthenware,” with Mathieu van der Giessen (June 14–22). Fee: $600. “Saltglaze,” with Richard Dewar (June 27–July 5). Fee: $700. “Charlotte’s World,” with Charlotte Poulsen (July 11–18). Fee: $700. “The Burning Desire,” with Harm van der Zeeuw (August 16–22). Fee: $700. “Throwing and More,” with Frank Theunissen (August 23–31). Fee: $700. Contact Frank Theunissen, LaCéramique; frank.theunissen@laceramique.com; www.laceramique.com; 33 56353 7297.

France, Charente, Lessac

“Vitrification-Woodfired Ceramics and Glassblowing,” with Fred Herbst (July 13–22). Fee: $900. Contact Gala Fernandez, Domaine de Boisbuchet; info@boisbuchet.org; www.boisbuchet.org; 00330545896700.

France, Henrichemont, La Borne

“Improve Your Throwing Skills—Jugs, Teapots, Bowls, etc.,” with Christine Pedley (June 29–July 24). Fee: $600. Contact Christine Pedley, Atelier Christine Pedley; chris.pedley@orange.fr; www.chris-pedley.eu; 02 48 26 77 44.

Germany, Frauenau

“Interdisciplinary Model: Hot Glass and Ceramics—Two Stepbrothers Reunited,” with Boris Shpeizman (August 12–28). Fee: $1400. Contact Bild-Werk; 49 9926 180895; info@bild-werk-frauenau.de; www.bild-werk-frauenau.de.

Greece, Magnesias, Skopelos

“Ceramics Workshop,” with Suzy Birstein (August 28–September 12). Fee: $1900. Contact Jill Somer, The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts; 30 24240 24143; info@skopart.org; www.skopartfoundation.org.

Greece, Thessaloniki

“Intensive Throwing Workshop with an Introduction to Raku, Pit/Barrel and Paper Kiln,” with Hector Mavridis (June 16–25). Fee: $1500. “Intensive Throwing Workshop with an Introduction to Raku, Pit/Barrel and Paper Kiln,” with Hector Mavridis (July 2–11). Fee: $1500. “Moving Body and Clay,” with Hector Mavridis, Tonia Dakou (July 15–21). Fee: $1500. “Intensive Throwing Workshop with an Introduction to Raku, Pit/Barrel and Paper Kiln,” with Hector Mavridis (August 18–27). Fee: $1500. Contact Hector Mavridis, The Almond Grove; 0030 2310450451; hectormavridis@gmail.com; www.hectormavridis.com.

Indonesia Bali, Ubud

“Demystifying Form: Clay Play and the Teapot,” with Fong Choo (May 24–June 6). Fee: $1900. “East Meets West: My Approach to Clay,” with Mitsuo Shoji (August 9–22). Fee: $1900. Contact, Gaya Ceramic Arts Center; gayacac@gayaceramic.com; www.gayaceramic.com; +623618989515.

Italy, Certaldo

“Exploring Our Narrative Voices: Stories, Myths and Magic in Clay,” with Jan Edwards (May 31–June 13). Fee: $2242. “The Potter’s Wheel,” with Jeff Oestreich (June 14–27). Fee: $2242. “Potter’s Council Conference,” with Pietro Maddalena, Paola Paronetto, Marcia Selsor (June 14–27). Fee: $3745. “Study Abroad Ceramic Arts in Italy,” with Frank Mariano, Jean Adams (June 27–July 11). Fee: $3950. “Handbuilding Sculptural Forms,” with Donna Polseno, Lisa Ehrich, Susan Mollet (June 28–July 11). Fee: $2242. “Sculptural Wall Murals,” with Brenda McMahon (July 12–22). Fee: $1906. “The Ceramic Animal,” with Andreas Hinder (July 12–18). Fee: $1076. “Off the Mat and Into the Studio,” with Brenda McMahon (July 24–August 1). Fee: $1625. “Throwing Stoneware,” with John Colbeck (August 9–22). Fee: $2018. “Porcelain Throwing,” with John Colbeck (August 23–29). Fee: $1098. “Large Format,” with Martin McWilliam (August 23–29). Fee: $1076. “Coiling and Colour,” with Carolyn Genders (August 30–September 5). Fee: $1076. Contact LaMeridiana; info@lameridiana.fi.it; www.lameridiana.fi.it; +393772709500.

Italy, Rome

“Permission to Stare: Sculpting the Figure from Observation,” with Christina West (June 1–14). Fee: $2500. “Thrown Figures,” with Gerit Grimm (June 15–28). Fee: $2500. “‘Clay, Collage and Coffee Cups’: New Combinations of Traditional and Digital Decorating Techniques,” with Conor Wilson (August 31–September 13). Fee: $2500. Contact Lori-Ann Touchette & Paolo Porelli, c.r.e.t.a. rome; cretarome@gmail.com; www.cretarome.com; +393478024581.

P.R. China, Jianxi Province, Jingdezhen

“Summer Residency Programme,” with Wenying Lee (July 16–31). Fee: $800. Contact Wendy Li, Sanbao International Ceramic Art Institute; sanbaostudio@hotmail.com; www.chinaclayart.com; 011-86 139 0798 3391.

Topics: Ceramic Artists