I use homemade ceramic watercolors to decorate my work. An old ice cube tray works great to keep the colors separate and to provide enough of each color so that I don’t run out while painting a piece. I usually have a small tub of the watercolor base on hand. When I either need a new color in my tray or run out of a color, I add a bit of watercolor base and Mason stain to the tray and mix them right there—no need to dirty more dishes. I use each reservoir for a different color so I have a good color palette to work with. If you don’t have the materials and stains to mix your own watercolors, commercial underglazes work great. Simply pour your favorite underglaze colors into the ice-cube tray, let them dry out, then use them as you would watercolor paints. Testing is always recommended, especially when firing underglaze colors to higher temperatures.