Horror Vacui: Across the Margins

at Northern Clay Center (www.northernclaycenter.org) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, through November 3.

1 Valerie Zimany’s Hanazume Quartet (detail), 13 in. (33 cm) in height, ceramic.2 Yana Payusova’s Complications, Revolution series, 18 in. (46 cm) in height, ceramic, 2017.3 April D. Felipe’s Wade, 15½ in. (39 cm) in length, porcelain, cotton thread, pastels, gold fringe, wood, 2018.4 Lindsay Montgomery’s The Company of Wolves Charger, 22 in. (56 cm) in length, press-molded earthenware, underglazes, stains, tin glaze, 2015.

Flora & Fauna

at In Tandem Gallery (www.intandemgallery.com) in Bakersville, North Carolina, November 1–30.

1 Taylor Sijan’s mug, 4½ in. (11 cm) in width, wheel-thrown and altered porcelain, slips, stains, underglazes, soda fired to cone 10 in a gas kiln. Photo: Silvia Palmer.

260 Fingers

at Glebe Community Centre (www.260fingers.ca) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, November 8–10.

1 Marney McDiarmid’s Euphorbia—Crown of Thorns, 10½ in. (27 cm) in diameter, handbuilt porcelain, wax, underglaze, fired to cone 6 in an electric kiln, 2019.

Noel Bailey

at In Tandem Gallery (www.intandemgallery.com) in Bakersville, North Carolina, through November 16.

1 Noel Bailey’s pitcher, 9 in. (23 cm) in height, wheel-thrown and altered porcelain, glaze, fired in reduction in a gas kiln to cone 10. Photo: Silvia Palmer.

Breaking the Plane

at Jane Hartsook Gallery at Greenwich House Pottery (www.greenwichhouse.org/pottery/jane-hartsook-gallery ) in New York, New York, through November 8.

1 Lauren Mabry’s Stand, 16 in. (41 cm) in height, ceramic, glaze, 2018.2 Shannon Goff’s Fruit Stripe, 20 in. (51 cm) in height, ceramic, 2019.3 Peter Christian Johnson’s Jilted, 14½ in. (37 cm) in depth, porcelain, 2019.

Kogei-Kyoto at SA + C Boston: Contemporary Innovators in Japanese Arts and Crafts

at Society of Arts + Crafts (www.societyofcrafts.org) in Boston, Massachusetts, through November 10.

1 Masayuki Imai’s vase, ceramic, inlaid fish motif.2 Masakazu Hoki’s vessel, ceramic.3 Takehiro Kato’s vase, ceramic.

Lindsay Pichaske, Steven Young Lee, and Alessandro Gallo

at Duane Reed Gallery (www.duanereedgallery.com) in St. Louis, Missouri, through November 30.

1 Steven Young Lee’s Jar with Tiger and Clouds, 16 in. (41 cm) in height, porcelain, white slip, glaze, 2019.2 Lindsay Pichaske’s Souvenir, 32 in. (81 cm) in height, stoneware, porcelain, Mason stains, hair, 2019.

Spontaneous Response: The Innovative Ceramics of Don Reitz

at Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art (http://westmont.edu/museum) in Santa Barbara, California, through November 9.
1 Don Reitz’ The Last Dance, 15¾ in. (40 cm) in height, wood-fired stoneware, 2014.2 Don Reitz’ It Makes Sense to Me, 22½ in. (57 cm) in diameter, low-fire earthenware, engobes, glaze, salt fired, 1990.


Alluring Forms

at Contemporary Ceramics (http://cpaceramics.com) in London, England, through November 9.

1 Martin Pearce’s Bulb Form, 7 in. (17 cm) in height, stoneware, 2019.