Allison Cochran, Red Lodge, Montana

Sex sells, but at what cost? Allison Cochran makes ceramic vessels that raise awareness of the problems our culture faces with our values regarding physical appearances. Her specific-function vessels call attention to the number of different ways that people deal with their own body weight and image by trying to control what and how much they consume using a range of techniques from smelling food to chewing food and spitting it out. Cochran states, “While creating pieces that are designed to aid in the act of control over food, I aim to blur the lines between public versus private, acceptance versus shame, and satisfaction versus guilt.” This series is directly inspired by Cochran’s own experiences as a college cheerleader and some of the different measures that people take to try to achieve the perceived perfect body.

Cochran’s use of solid colors and her choice of forms is a direct reference to sanitary and institutional wares. The work feels as if it belongs in a hospital or doctor’s office, which is, unfortunately, a familiar place for some individuals who have had eating disorders. Instagram: @allisoncochran Facebook: @allie.cochran.18

1 To Chew and to Spit Out. t2 To Chew and to Spit Out in Use. Photo: Ole Akhøj.


3 Bed Pan with Lid to Spit Out.
Topics: Ceramic Artists