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What if you could find an ever-expanding collection of hundreds and hundreds of ceramic glaze recipes fully searchable by firing temperature, atmosphere, ingredients, and more? You’ve found it with Ceramic Recipes, part of the Ceramic Arts Network.

Ceramic Recipes features:

  • Hundreds of clay, slip, and glaze recipes with full-color photos of finished results, as well as instructions on how to get the best effects
  • Robust search capabilities so you can find ceramic glaze recipes by firing temperature, color, surface texture, firing atmosphere, ingredient, author, or any combination of these
  • User-friendly upload interface to make it easy to add your own recipes to store in your account
  • Favorites button so you can save your favorite clay and glaze recipes to your own account
  • Sharing capabilities so you can share your favorite recipes with the rest of the Ceramic Recipes community
  • Reference articles on everything from dealing with glaze faults to the specifics of common glaze materials to the science behind surfaces 

Whether you are just getting started with mixing your own glazes, or you’ve been developing ceramic glaze recipes for years, the Ceramic Recipes online database is a one-stop resource for finding and saving ceramic glaze recipes. Most of us have our recipes scattered around our studios on scraps of paper, but with Ceramic Recipes, they can be organized and easily accessible through a phone, tablet, or computer. So, if you are at the ceramic supplier and need ingredients for a new recipe you want to try, you can easily pull it up on your phone and determine how much you need of each using the recipe calculator function. How useful is that?