Ingredient Amount
Dolomite 23.60
nepheline syenite 71.60
OM 4 Ball Clay 4.80
Add Amount
tin-oxide 2.00
zircopax 14.00


*Use 2–5% tin oxide.

I substitute rutile in the standard version of this recipe with tin oxide to get my whites. What I enjoy about this recipe is the addition of tin allows the glaze (when used as a liner glaze on the flashing slips) to have a touch of blushing red in heavy reduction, which matches most of my exterior surfaces. 

Mix with water into a cream-like consistency, then typically water it down to a thin application, like skim or almond milk. To help with settling, add a tablespoon or two of Epsom salts per batch of 10,000 grams. I dip pieces for 3 seconds and then clean up the foot rings to allow for wadding. 

This recipe was shared by Eric Ordway in the May 2023 issue of Ceramics Monthly.