Ingredient Amount
Wollastonite 26.47
ferro frit 3124 35.29
EPK Kaolin 19.61
Calcined Kaolin 13.73
silica 4.90
Add Amount
best-black-mason-stain 2.94
sage-mason-stain 1.96


I use this recipe as a background glaze. I originally found this glaze on DigitalFire ( when searching for matte glazes. It is a lovely surface but can be a little sensitive to application; if applied too thick, it blisters. This is a great base for adding color. Note that I use a black and sage green Mason stain together in the glaze, which will have a greenish tint on white clay but not on the red clay that I use. There is also a very high percentage of clay in this recipe, so I add more water than I do for most glazes at 80–85% hydration.  


This recipe was shared by Ruth Easterbrook in the May 2022 issue of Ceramics Monthly